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E1705 Scroll on Touch pad not working


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E1705 Scroll on Touch pad not working

  • I just upgraded to Vista Premium today and after all of the updates were done my scroll feature doesn't work on my touchpad. I just went to dell and downloaded the lasted driver for it and it still doesn't work, is there a reason for this? Can I turn it on?
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  • Have the same problem, usually use a mouse though.  would still be nice for it to work, for times i am without a mouse.
  • same here with e1505 ...no more scrolling
  • Go into the touchpad control program and set the scrolling to on. If this doesn't work, set the tap on and then tap the pad or hit the left button to get scrolling. Remember, the cursor needs to be in the window to allow scrolling. I have not been able to get my daughter's Inspiron 6000 to scroll without a tap.
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  • i had the same problem with my e1705 notebook. i went to the dell support site and found a driver that was recalled and redone. my scroll now works fine. search for Synaptics Touch Pad driver and it should come up. when you download it, you have to restart you pc to get it to work, and be shure to save it somewhere, it will come in handy in the future.
  • yes ...I went to my downloads and drivers section and selected Vista 32 bit and downloaded the touchpad drivers... I am scrolling like crazy now...all perfect