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Battery test


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Battery test

  • Is there some Dell utility to test how long my laptop battery will last?
  • sure... fully charge it and look at the time listed when you hover your mouse over the battery icon in the taskbar. a great freeware program that helps to restrict the cpu and optimize battery-life is Speed Switch XP of course if you want to know the LIFE of the battery... nope

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  • By pressing once or pressing and holding the status button on the charge gauge on the battery, you can check:

    • Battery charge (check by pressing and releasing the status button)

    • Battery health (check by pressing and holding the status button)

    The battery operating time is largely determined by the number of times it is charged. After hundreds of charge and discharge cycles, batteries lose some charge capacity—or battery health. That is, a battery can show a status of "charged" but maintain a reduced charge capacity (health).


    To check the battery health, press and hold the status button on the battery charge gauge for at least 3 seconds. If no lights appear, the battery is in good condition, and more than 80 percent of its original charge capacity remains. Each light represents incremental degradation. If five lights appear, less than 60 percent of the charge capacity remains, and you should consider replacing the battery. See Specifications for more information about the battery operating time.



    refer to this DELL document:   

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