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D420 Question # 1: Biometric Coprocessor?


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D420 Question # 1: Biometric Coprocessor?

  • Howdy,
    Anyone have any info, or a link to this?  Curious to find out more of what it's about.
  • It's part of the broadcom TPM. The drivers are on the dell site under broadcom tpm.

    It's for the security features like using a fingerprint reader and such.

  • There are no Vista drivers for the Broadcom TPM, anybody working on this?
  • I am running a D820 with Vista Business and can't find the software either. Could someone help me out?
  • I'm running a D620 with Vista Enterprise and cannot find the driver/software for this - I've looked on the Broadcom website but none of the drivers (for the NIC) appear to work?
    Does everyone else have a fingerprint scanner/reader built in to the laptop?
  • The reader is made by a company called UPEK. You can download the Vista driver (Note: It's just the driver, not the software.) from the UPEK website. Here is a direct download link:


    It installed onto my D620 and with plenty of Vista users around me with the D820 using the same driver, I'm sure it's the same one. According to UPEK: "Dell notebook PCs do not use Protector Suite QL. To get the software please contact Dell support."

    I can't seem to find any software related to fingerprint readers on the Dell support site, however. So, I can get Vista to realize it has a reader, I just have no software to use with it.

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  • Thanks Tiamak1, I've just downloaded and installed the driver  - Vista now sees the TouchChip Fingerprint Coprocessor instead of a plain old boring :smileywink: Biometric Coprocessor.
    Now if only Dell would sort out some software to allow us to use it!
    For 32 bit applications use W2K driver.
  • It's 2015 and that upek.com site is down and nowhere to be found, apparently they was taken over by Authentec, so now my internet adventure to finding the 'Lost Driver for my damn laptop' continues, LMAO. P.S. - someone please do something about *** terrorists, please. :(