D420 Question # 1: Biometric Coprocessor?


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D420 Question # 1: Biometric Coprocessor?

  • Howdy,
    Anyone have any info, or a link to this?  Curious to find out more of what it's about.
  • It's part of the broadcom TPM. The drivers are on the dell site under broadcom tpm.

    It's for the security features like using a fingerprint reader and such.

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  • There are no Vista drivers for the Broadcom TPM, anybody working on this?
  • I am running a D820 with Vista Business and can't find the software either. Could someone help me out?
  • I'm running a D620 with Vista Enterprise and cannot find the driver/software for this - I've looked on the Broadcom website but none of the drivers (for the NIC) appear to work?
    Does everyone else have a fingerprint scanner/reader built in to the laptop?
  • The reader is made by a company called UPEK. You can download the Vista driver (Note: It's just the driver, not the software.) from the UPEK website. Here is a direct download link:


    It installed onto my D620 and with plenty of Vista users around me with the D820 using the same driver, I'm sure it's the same one. According to UPEK: "Dell notebook PCs do not use Protector Suite QL. To get the software please contact Dell support."

    I can't seem to find any software related to fingerprint readers on the Dell support site, however. So, I can get Vista to realize it has a reader, I just have no software to use with it.

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  • Thanks Tiamak1, I've just downloaded and installed the driver  - Vista now sees the TouchChip Fingerprint Coprocessor instead of a plain old boring :smileywink: Biometric Coprocessor.
    Now if only Dell would sort out some software to allow us to use it!
    For 32 bit applications use W2K driver.