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Buzzing sound when charging with laptop off.


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Buzzing sound when charging with laptop off.

  • Does anyone else get a loud high to medium pitched buzzing noise when the laptop is off and your are charging it through the wall adapter?

    I'm wondering if this is normal, my laptop only recently developed this issue it's a 9400/e1705 it's been in use for about 3 months so far.
  • Change the outlet you are using. Move to a completely diff room & circuit to rule out electrical interference. If it still does it, contact Dell Support.
  • I have moved my 7-month-old Inspiron 630m to a bedroom at the other end of the apartment and it still makes that buzzing noise when plugged into the wall and charging. It is some sort of vibration coming from near the Dell logo below the screen. If I press on the plastic casing, the sound level drops significantly--like my finger has dampened the vibration somewhat.
    If I turn off the power to charger, the sound goes away.
  • did another test.

    The buzzing noise stops when the battery has finished it's trickle charge.

    It's also not present when charging from the 0-80% range.

    The buzzing noise gets louder as the battery gets close to 90% while the laptop is off and charging, upon nearing completition the constant buzz becomes an intermittent, and periodic buzz. I'm assuming this is the relay switching on at high speeds or something.

    My only question is if anyone else has this behavior in the 9400/e1705 once again this behavior only presents itself when the laptop is charging but the laptop itself is off. You also need to be above 80% charge for it to start.

    I'm just worried about this being a bigger problem in the future, and since I have complete care for 3 years at least if the bigger problem presents itself I'm covered right?
  • I contacted Dell with this this same problem. Though, I did not get an answer I had my charger immediately replaced. However, my new one is doing the same thing and I too wonder if this can become problematic. I've had my charger replaced twice already and each day I've received my new one the day after I contacted Dell. I will try talking to their customer support again and see if I can find anything out.