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Dell Inspiron 1000 Won't Turn On???


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Dell Inspiron 1000 Won't Turn On???

  • Hello,
      I am new to this forum, but  I am having problems with my sons Dell Inspiron 1000. He had it turned on at the time, and he bumped it into the corner of our end table, and it shut off, and now it will not come back on. I am not sure what to try. I am more familiar with desktops, not laptops, so I'm at a loss here. I did leave it sit for about 20 mins. without it being plugged into the wall outlet, and then opened it up and hit the power button, and the lights flicked on and off twice, just like the light do on a keyboard for a desktop computer, but then they went out and didn't come back on. right now I have it sitting plugged into the outlet to see if it will attempt to come on again. Please, any suggestions here will be appreciated!!!!!
    Thank you!
    ps. I read thru a bunch of posts from people having a the same sort of problem, but all the ones I read didnt' really get resolved??? am I missing something here? right now  I tried it again while plugged into the outlet after letting it sit for about 45 mins, and tried to power it on and still nothing, so now I have it sitting with it unplugged from the wall outlet and took out the battery to see if it resets itself, like I also read on one of the other posts????? keeping my fingers crossed!!!

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  • Sounds like the system board was damaged. On this model, it means you should consider a replacment system -- it's not worth repairing this model.
  • I need someone to tell me how to take this thing apart. I removed a bunch of screws from it last night and still couldn't get the cover off. I did alot of reading on these forums, and where do I find the RAM card to reseat it and where is the LCD cable to check that it is still connected properly? How many screws do you have to remove to get this thing apart?  I have never been inside a laptop, have done most of my work inside desktops, so this is new to me, but I am willing to give it a shot. Seeing as how the warranty has run out on this thing, so I guess its up to me to try and see what I can do myself.

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  • my best advice would be to search for the manual for this notebook (google, type Dell Inspiron 1000, manual). Notebooks are tricky things to take apart and it has to be done in order. In the notebooks I have had the ram is behind a door on the bottom of the machine, but I'm not sure what you mean by the lcd cable. Do you mean the cable between the screen and motherboard. That's more tricky to get to, so do search for the manual and follow that step by step. hth
  • I couldnt find under dell manuals anything for the 1000 but the 1200 and 2200 are verry similar.. Here is the link for that

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