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Touch Pad Turn Off

  • With my Inspiron 2200 I use an external mouse.  I want to turn off my built in touch pad mouse as I frequently brush it at inopportune moments when using the keyboard.  How do I turn off the built in touch pad mouse?
  • Use your Touchpad icon on the lower right to access Mouse Properties to see if you can turn it off when a usb mouse is connected. If you don't have the icon, use Control Panel, printers and other hardware, mouse. You might be able to update your Mouse software if mouse properties doesn't have that setting.
  • if it's not already installed update your Synaptics Touchpad driver to A16 as the enhancement includes:

     Adds the feature where the touchpad/stick is disabled when a USB mouse is plugged in. This feature is disabled by default but can be enabled via a checkbox on the Devices tab in the Touchpad. When a USB mouse is plugged in a pop up message informs the user that a USB mouse has been detected and that the touchpad/stick has been disabled. A red ''X'' appears over the touchpad icon in the systray when it is disabled.

  • Just gotol control panel, mouse.. and you'll see the option to turn off the touchpad when an external mouse is plugged in.