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SD Card / Card Slot problem ?


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SD Card / Card Slot problem ?

  • Hi,
    My Inspiron 6000 is not recognising SD card.It is a Canon 8MB SD Memory Card . I could browse through it when connected through my Camcorder and printer.

    When i insert the card into the slot, i could hear no click sound or spring action , even after pushing it to the maximum (almost the full card goes inside). Is this normal or a click sound should be heard ? And no indication of SD card being recognised by the OS.

    Under Device Manager Secure Digital Hostcontroller and SDA Standard Compliant SD-Hostcontroller are without exclamation marks.

    The OS is Windows XP , Service Pack 2. SD card is a 9 pin card.

    Please help !
  • I had a problem like this with my 600m and a 4gb card.

    Dell kept telling me everything was fine and my card was bad, but it is the SD card reader on the Dell. It couldn't recognize the newere "larger" cards.

    I got a USB card reader and it was fine.

    Since I've gotten an XPS M1210 and it has no trouble with my 4gb card.

    Good Luck!
  • Thanks for the reply. An external Card reader looks like a good option if i am not able to sort this problem out.

    And does the SD card click to its position when putting in an Inspiron 6000 ? In my system there is no click sound and it goes in all the way in without any resistance. Opinions from users of Inspiron 6000 please .
  • you have to push the card fully home and it'll click into place.
  • Thanks for the reply.
    Unfortunately there is no click sound , it barely goes in fully without any resistance.I have to use the finger nail to pull it out. Looks like there is some problem with the slot.
    Any thoughts ?
  • sejop,

    You may not hear an audible click when the card slides in all the way, but you should feel it lock. If is a spring lock, and it should go in past the lock point, with the spring pushing back a little. As you release, it should catch. To remove, you push in again and it should come out a quarter inch or so.

    On my Axim, I use the edge of a fingernail to push it in, both to lock it and release it.

    If the spring is not working, then it needs to be replaced.
  • I just purchased the Inspiron 710m not knowing the SD card reader can only read up to 1GB.  Has Dell come up with a fix?  Knowing this I wouldn't have bought this laptop!  Come on Dell, don't let me down.



  • Thank you Dell-Rollie for the insight. It looks like the spring is not working, so either i have to replace it or live with it.

    I still have the warranty left but i am not sure if i should send it back for such a thing , taking into consideration the delay in getting the system back. And i could always access the SD card through other devices like camera. Or may be i could buy a separate SD card reader.

    In case i am sending it for repair to Dell (with warranty still valid), who pays for the postal charges ? I must bear the cost or Dell have some agreement with some courier services like UPS so that customers can send their systems with guarantee for repair free of cost ?
  • sejop,

    If your system is under warranty, then all costs are covered by Dell. If it requires a depot service, then we send you a box, and an pre-paid airbill to ship it to the depot. Last time I checked, it was 3-5 days for repair, and then shipped back to you.

    I would contact Technical Support about the problem, even if you do not want to send it back at this time. Documenting the problem with Technical Support is a good idea, even if you do not have the repair done right away.
  • Thank you Dell-Rollie for the excellent support. I got all the information i needed.
  • FYI,
        Looks like there is now a driver update that allows the card reader on the 710m to read SD cards greater than 1 GB.
  • Do you know the link?
  • I found it in the driver download section under "Chipset." The shortcut to the file via ftp is:
    Texas Instruments PCI7420 Flash Memory/SD Reader
    Release Title: Chip Set: Texas Instruments PCI7420 Flash Memory/SD Reader, Driver, Windows XP, Multi Language, Inspiron 700m, 710m, v., A02
    Release Date: 12/4/2006
    Criticality: Optional
    Description: Flash Memory Card driver for TI PCI7420 controller

    Fixes and Enhancements
    Adds support for high capacity SD cards ( 1GB).

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  • Awesome!  It worked.  I'm a happy camper.  I rely on the SD card reader to download data from my DSLR camera.  Now I don't need to use the stupid adapter anymore.  Thanks for the info!
    BTW, the Dell technical support is clueless!
  • Has anyone tried this with an 8GB SD card on a 710m? Thanks much, Joe