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CMOS battery, Where is it?? - Inspiron 1150

  • All,

    I was wondering if anyone knows where the CMOS battery is on the Inspiron 1150... I can't find it in any of the literature. All of the symptoms my clients laptop exhibits point back to a old CMOS battery but…


    When you turn the power on the three lights at the bottom of the keyboard blink on /off and it never boots into the Bio’s system check… That to me says CMOS Battery but I’d be interested in any other thoughts. Thanks in advance. - CES

  • Even a dead CMOS battery won't cause that (unless it's leaked and destroyed the system board).

    The problem is a faulty system board, not a faulty CMOS battery.
  • He's right..Symptoms for dead CMOS battery would be a wrong clock or something like that.
  • system overheated and hosed the board, cpu, heatsink, & fan assembly............spraying air in a can through the vents in the future help prevent it from breaking.....also have client purchase a notebook cooling unit (2 fans on the inside of the underneath unit blow upward to cool system) from a Staples or Office Depot or even online lol.....I think Belkin or Targus make them