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inspiron b130 battery problem


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inspiron b130 battery problem

  • My battery power only stays for like an hour and twenty mins and if i even do something simple it goes down fast i was wondering if i should be like this because i got the standard battery it came with. help would be appreciated
  • If you're actively using the system (i.e., it's not blanking the display, etc.) that's probably decent for a budget model.
  • I get about 1 1/2 hours at the max with my B130.  It get tiring being told I should not expect decent battery time because was bought a "budget" (cheap) laptop.   I'm told the 6-cell batteries gives a longer use time, but most anything would be better.  I wold think having a bottom of the line PC, it would use less energy.   It's too bad Dell didn't offer a battery upgrade when I bought mine.  They only had the option to purchase an "extra" battery.  Anyway your best bet is to buy a 6-cell battery.  It should at least last a bit over two hours.

  • B130 battery problem -
    I have had the same problem. Good luck as time goes on. This is my daughter's 'college' laptop, and college is 6,000 miles away. When it was less than 3 months old the battery lasted 10 minutes and the B130 will also die (not turn on even under wall power). I emailed Dell for help and did not receive an answer for 5 days. Then they only answered one of my questions. Now nothing. She says the battery still lasts only 5 minutes.
    Just had another problem with a customer trying to use Dell service ( 2 in a week). I do computer service at nights and on weekends. I have previously recommended Dells to customers and I bought this laptop from Dell for my daughter. I don't think I can still recommend them.
    Hopefully we can get this fixed when she gets home?
  • Well i would recommend dell. two weeks ago my screen got craked and i got on the website and entered chat with a rep and the sent me a box to send it in to them.A week later i recieved and the screen was fixed. yesterday i chated with a rep and told my problem and asked if it was covered under my warranty because i bought it in july.they never told me yes or no but they are sending me a new one and all i have to do is send in the old one. So to you i recommend chating with them instead of emailing them.
  • Thanks for the suggestion. At the time (1 1/2 months ago) I tried the chat, but they wanted me to be on the computer (which my daughter had at college). She is home now.
    Anyway I emailed Dell again before she got home. They replied quickly this time are sending another battery.
    Maybe it was just a bad week when I had the two problems. I hope so, I have two Dell laptops (Inspiron 7500 and 8000)of my own and they are great!
  • I bought the b130 with a lithium battery and it is not taking a charge after a little over a year (the length of the battery warranty) in which I used the battery maybe 4 or 5 times.
     Did you get a new Lithium , maybe it is the B130 that is the problem. Look at all the posts about it having battery problems. I know of no one else with Dell laptops who don't still have working batteries after 2 or three years. I barely used mine.
  • My daughter is away at college too, and having the same problem  The computer is almost two years old, but she has only been using it for a few months.  The battery went dead,  we bought a new battery on EBay and sent it to her in college and it will not charge.  Should we pay to get the laptop fixed,  or I see all these other  people on here with battery problems,  should we just forget it and get another laptop... not a DELL
  • There are different kinds of batterys like some people listed above which determines how long the battery will hold a charge. The one that came with this particlular lap is a 4 hole lithium ion battery but there are 6 hole and up that hold onger charges but they will cost more. And from speakin with friends it's not the type of computer it's just the type of battery i upgraded mine and works alot longer than what it did.
  • Thanks for yoour reply.  Not sure how many holes the battery has.  4 or 6.  My daugter called tech support at DELL  from her college todsy.... after being on hold for an hour.  They spent time with her and even though she/we bought the  new battery on EBay... they figured out that the problem was with her A/C adapter and that is still covered under the 3 year warranty, so they are sending her a new one.  Lets hope that is what it is.
    SEEms like a lot of problems with batteries with this particular model.