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LCD screen backlight not coming on

  • I recently opened my inspiron 5150 to clean out the heat sink and the fan (which had an ample amount of dust on it). Afterwards i put it back together and booted it up. At first i thought the screen was not working, until i noticed a very dark image appear on the screen. I can only just see what is on the screen. The contrast is all the way up. I think the backlight is buggered, but i dont know much about screens.
    Does anyone have any suggestions?
  • Reseat the connections to the inverter. If that doesn't work, contact an LCD repair shop for a bulb replacement or an inverter rebuild.
  • wow, i had this exact same problem with my 5150 a few months back. I was on a flight watching a movie when i had to use the washroom... i closed the screen and left, when i got back to finish my movie everything was black, i assumed the battery died or something. when i got back home however i noticed the same very faint, very dark picture you experienced. I called Dell, they ran me through some red tape, and finally decided i should send it in and get it fixed (out of dell's warrenty, still have some warrenty left with VISA however). So they shipped me a box, but before the box even got here the screen just decided it was gonna work again (i pressed FN CRT/LCD a lot to get it working). It lasted for about 2 weeks then it went out again for a few days, then it came back again. It's been going good for about 3 months now, and i only have about 2 months left on my warrenty... should I get this thing looked at? can i really bring it anywhere and expect them to do work on it when it's actually working like it is now? i really don't want this thing to die on me now, just after my warrenty ends.
  • Thanks. I opened my laptop again and pulled everything out and put it all back again, checking all the connections. I found that the LCD connection was loose. Pushed it in and it worked...YAY. soon_going_apple, I recommend opening your laptop by takin the keyboard out (unclip the blue covering above the keyboard and unscrew), and pushing in the connector for the LCD. It is probably loose.
    Thanks again
  • yeah, that was one thing the dell support had me check, it didn't change anything.