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Batteries losing power quickly


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Batteries losing power quickly

  • Hi,

    I bought my Dell Inspiron 9100 a yr ago Feb. I mainly use power though recently discovered that the battery i got with the computer would last minutes e.g. 10 to 20 and then computer would shut down. I rang up Dell and eventually (i.e. not a short phone call on a national rate phone line) they said I needed a new battery and as I was outside 12mth period they wouldn't replace (even though I've hardly used the battery as I work from home).

    I've just purchased a 16 cell new battery and it seems to be doing the same thing.
    Basically I put the new battery in, charged it to 100% and then unplugged and within about 20mins it was down to 80% remaining.
    The guy on the phone had claimed that the 16 cell one would last 6 to 7 hours on average usage.

    Any thoughts/solutions please?
  • Is the replacement battery new, or used? Used or not, lithium ion batteries run about 18 months before they no longer hold a sufficient charge - if the battery was used, it may be near the end of its useful lifetime as well.
  • Replacement battery is new, straight from Dell.

    Have been through various things with Dell - BIOS upgrade, etc

    Basically the 16 cell battery (replacement, new), which I was told should last 6-7 hrs, lasted approx an hour. Battery charges back up to 100% when connected to main.
  • I've also just noticed that it's got no subwoofer - wasn't told about that before I bought it.

    Does anyone know the best way of dealing with Dell?

    I called them a while ago and was on phone for ages as mentioned and they didn't solve it. I was on an online chat session for almost an hour today and that didn't solve it.
    I tried calling again but didn't get through to anyone and was on hold for ages on a national rate line.
    I have sent an email but from previous experience it was passed around and no one dealt with anything.

    What is the best of having something ACTUALLY DEALT WITH and letting them know of these experiences?
    I have a 3yr next day on-site warranty but no one comes out, I just get told to try things on the phone at my expense.
  • Call back - the system board is faulty.
  • You mean the motherboard?