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Blue Screen, Black Screen, Freezing, Won't turn on


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Blue Screen, Black Screen, Freezing, Won't turn on

  • Alright, the title pretty much lists what's going on with my Inspiron 6000 laptop.

    First off, the laptop is hard to turn on. It takes me 5 minutes of trying to get it to turn on, before it works. This started happening in June, but I thought it may be overheated because our house doesn't have air conditioning. A younger sibling had been using it the whole week. When I finally asked for it, he ran to our MAC, and refused to use the laptop again.

    The First Turn on, After this event:

    -The Cursor had changed to having it slowly fill up of blue, then empty out, then fill again, etc. It originally was just the default cursor.

    -Laptop is incredibly hard to turn on

    -Laptop freezes or turns off when moved or screen is adjusted

    -Blue Error Screen comes on, once the laptop is finally working. The stop message is at the bottom.

    -Laptop Freezes all the time when on.

    -Cursor Disappears and you must right click for it to appear again

    -On turn on, A black screen sometimes appears....Then the laptop turns off.

    -Norton Updates won't run

    -Spybot is never able to complete scan. It stops at 10000 or so.


    -Internet refuses to connect. Wireless can't connect. The Wireless internet on the MAC works perfectly fine.

    -Laptop has gotten even harder to turn on

    -Freezing occurs much more often

    -Blue screen appears sometimes.

    -Laptop Turns off or freezes when screen is adjusted and laptop is moved the slightest bit.

    -I got a new message when I opened Internet Explorer.
    I took a few quick notes before the laptop shut off. The screen hasn't appeared yet.



    -Volume is Dirty

    -File 2935

    -Segment 24290

    Can anyone tell me what is going on and how I can get it fixed?

    We bought the laptop in the United States 6 months ago. We moved from the States shortly after. We are now living in Belgium, so the only computer stores are MAC stores. No where else to get laptop fixed, pretty much.

  • Sounds like a rapidly dying hard drive - boot, F12, Dell diagnostic partition, extended test, hard drive.
  • I've done that. It froze at 80% complete. I will try again later.
  • If the drive won't complete a test, replace it.
  • Have you transferred the warranty? You need to do that, then call Dell technical support, for the system should still be under warranty.