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Laptop Cooling Pad

  • I have an Inspiron 9100 and its no secret they run hot. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a cooling pad. 9100 is pretty bulky and I was hoping someone could link me to one they (have used and) know will work/fit on the 9100 (15.4 in WSXGA).

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  • I got mine at Comp USA. It's a 3 fan that plugs into the usb port. I'm not sure what the brand is. It cost me less than $20. It's covered in leather and works great. I have the E1505 and have had it on the pad since I bought it. No heat issues at all.
  • I have a Targus -$ 25 at Best Buy -2 large fans, plugs into usb port. Works like a charm. I have used it since the day I bought it and it may the best and cheapest investment you will ever make for your notebook. System always at 29-30c temp even with heavy use. I use "speed fan" site for monitoring my temps.
  • I bought one from coolermaster, it is black with 2 fans and all aluminum. Works great on my e1705. Got from
  • Ou have to be careful when you shop for a notebook cooler. Especially for the Dell 9100. With the 9100 it has a intake fan on the buttom of the laptop. You want a laptop cooler that will blow air UP onto the laptop. You DONT want a laptop cooler that will vaccum air out because it will prevent airflow from circulating throughout your laptop.

    One notebook cooler I found very effective is the Supra Notebook Cooler It features a fan control which will allow you to adjust the speed settings of the fan. It also have 2 powerful fans which blows air UP onto your 9100. It includes a nice LCD screen which will show you the temperature of your laptop. I purchase the Antec and Vantec Laptop Coolers and I wasn't too happy with it until I purchased the Supra Notebook Cooler. Hope all this info helps.
  • I noticed my e1705 was getting so hot that I could feel the heat through the desk on my knees. Especially when playing intensive games. I came up with a cheap solution to keep it cool.

    First, download and install the fan control program:

    Then I found some plastic wire nuts that fit snugly over the existing rubber feet (yes yellow looks stupid, ill change them for black later) which raised the computer abount an inch off the desk.

    Then I went out to my local Lowe's hardware store and bought this fan:  and placed it behind the computer pointed downward to blow underneath.


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  • Wow! You are awarded the Inspector Gadget of the year award and may be in the lead role for the new McGuyver series. I see you take cooling seriously and I bet you are an engineer type. Seriously, looks like it works great.


    PS-I'm curious, how loud is this fan??

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  • on the low setting, the fan is no louder than the built in fans on the laptop. on high... sounds more like one of the older case fans from a desktop. its got a paddle wheel design, so much quieter than a 3 blade desk fan I suppose.

    Running the SETI program on 2 processes through the dual core (100% constant cpu usage), using the fan on high lowered the cpu temp, dimm temp, and chipset temp 3 degrees celcius in the same room temp. Although with the fan gui program, I'm not sure off the actual offset. It reads my processor idle at 27 degrees (or about 73 F) in a 76 degree room. Can't be colder that the room temp with the computer on. can it? LOL

    If there is another more official temp diagnostic program for this model, pleae someone tell me where to find it. thanks!

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