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E1505 - Caps lock light is always on


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E1505 - Caps lock light is always on

  • Is this normal behavior?  During BIOS and bootup, it's off.. but once I'm in Windows, it's always on.. and when caps lock is actually turned on, the LED lights up brighter.  I turn caps lock off, and it dims a little.  This, combined with the fact that my LCD won't turn off when the lid is closed, is starting to worry me.  I think this unit might be defective.
  • Yeah,the caps lock thing is a little wierd, but it works, right?
    As for what happens when the lid is closed, go to Start>Control Panel>Power Options>Advanced Tab and look at the selection of settings by clicking the drop down arrow next to "When I close the lid of my portable computer" and select what you want it to do.
  • Nah.. those settings are just for going into standby & such. Turning off the display should be a built-in hardware thing. The switch is defective on my unit..gotta get a replacement.
  • Then be prepared to send the next one back, and the one after that. If you go into the power section of the video properties, then click "Advanced", you'll find a section to choose what you want your laptop to do when you close the lid. My guess is that it's set to "do nothing"

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  • Umm.. yeah. Just FYI, that option "When I close the lid" is for standby or hibernate. There is NOT an option like "turn off the LCD." Why? Because it's supposed to be an automatic reaction when you close the laptop lid. My old Inspiron 8600 did it, and my roommates' Inspiron 6000s do it too.

    Go ahead, I ask anyone with an E1505 to set that option to "Do nothing" then close your lid. If EVERYONE with an E1505 has the same effect mine does (the LCD stays on), then maybe Dell decided to not turn off the LCD anymore when the lid closes.
  • The options that appear are the options from which you can choose.
    It is possible that Dell did decide to change these options.
    Let us know if Dell takes the notbook back and if it gets fixed the way you want it.
  • If everyone sets it to "do nothing" and "nothing happens", then what is proven?
  • I highly doubt Dell decided to change the way the LCD display turns off when you close the lid. Tech support claims it's a faulty switch, and they sent me a part to replace. We'll see if it does the trick or not..

    As far as the caps lock, they say the part will fix that too. Oddly enough, the caps lock light was working ok until I started installing the Dell drivers. I don't know which one made it start to work incorrectly though.
  • I'm not surprised that a Dell driver caused a problem: when I installed a Dell patch for the Audigy 2 ZS in my desktop, the headphones no longer caused the speakers to mute.  It's pretty frustrating.
  • Just Fyi,  mine "when I close the lid" is set for stand by.  When I close the lid my screen turns off.  I am using always on settings.


    If your unit is set to stand by and it is not turning off then it is probably the switch!




    If yours is  

  • Of course your LCD turns off when you close it.. the whole computer is going into standby :) But if the option is set to "Do nothing", the LCD should still turn off (JUST the LCD) when you close the lid. Interestingly enough though, you have a good point. If I DO set that option to go into standby when I close the lid.. and I close the lid, nothing happens. But when I start to open the lid, then it goes into standby.

    Faulty switch. What happened to Dell's quality these past few years?
  • Sorry, just trying to help.


    BTW, when people try to help you and you respond flippantly to their attempts - you make them not want to help or respond.  From my perspective, I can't understand why you would need it to "Do nothing".  When I close the lid and am in the middle of something - it simply "holds that thought" and opens back up when I open the lid.  Also, media center will still record when the computer lid is shut on those settings.  Thats all I need.



  • Sorry Marie, didn't mean to come off that way. It's just kinda funny, Dell tech support was giving me the same answers you guys are.. it's kind of frustrating that these support reps work for Dell and it took them so long to help me figure out what was wrong.

    Anyway, closing the lid & going into standby is a bit different because it puts the computer to sleep.. you will lose your network connection when this happens, and if you're transferring any data or files, those will be cut off. On my last laptop, I had it set to "Do nothing".. so basically if I wanted to step away for a few mins, I close the lid and the LCD display turns off (thus preserving battery life), but the computer remains active & running. This is ideal for me.

    Thanks for your responses (everyone) :)

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  • It has to be your switch because if I set mine to Do nothing, the screen still turns off when I shut the lid.  Only thing I notice is that I don't have to input my password again when I open back up.



  • The funny thing is, I got the part Dell said would fix the caps lock LED & the lid switch.. and guess what the part is? Just a piece of plastic that has the cutouts on it where the lights shine through. That's it. No circuitry on here, no wires, nothing. And this is somehow supposed to fix the two hardware issues?

    No worries.. I'm done with Dell, for good. I'm returning my laptop for a refund and getting something much better.