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touchpad scroll problem


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touchpad scroll problem

  • The scroll area on my touchpad isn't working? Every time I touch the side to scroll it just moves the pointer instead of scrolling. What can I do?
  • is this a new problem?

    looked in control panel>mouse to set what you want?
  • I tried that...everything is set correctly...and yes it is a new problem
  • What program are you in?
  • What do you mean by what program?? The scroll won't work if any program that I'm in if that's what you mean...
  • OK, that is what I was referring to. Sometimes the settings within the program itself (Netscape) can cause problems.
  • I also have this problem.  After installing Vista the touchad did not scroll.  I installed both the XP drivers and the generic last drivers and it still won't work in any program.  The touchpad is a Synaptics one, and was designed to use virtual scrolling, and other features that also are'nt available.  Can someone please help me?
  • You might try this site: You didn't metion your model so I don't know if Dell has Vista drivers or not but Synaptics definitely does. Good luck!
  • I actually got this problem fixed some time ago...I have Windows XP......I think i fixed it by reinstalling the driver.
  • I have an Inspiron 6000 and neither do the XP drivers work, nor the synaptics drivers, which by the way warn, since they are generic a loss of advanced features can happen. 
  • To enable scroll, right click on the touchpad icon in the lower right hand corner of your screen and select properties. This should open the touchpad control panel. There will be several tabs I forget the particular one but one will have the selections to enable you to scroll. If you have problems make another post and I will give fuller details.
  • I went to the Pointing device properties, but did not find any option on whether to enable scrolling.  I did have a Wheel tab, but it only display option of scrolling, not to enable it.  It's a Synaptics touchpad.
  • williamjose,
    It sounds like you have a different driver installed.  The Synaptics driver does not have a wheel tab (be kind of silly, since the Touchpad does not have a wheel).  Not all external mouse drivers are compatible with the Synaptics driver.
    Please download the correct Touchpad driver from our website and install it.  At that point, you should have the correct tabs and options to enable scrolling for the Touchpad.
  • Dell still has no vista drivers for the touchpad
    this is what I get at the properties:



    That is the dialog box you should have if you are using synaptics. Select the Gestures tab where you will find the buttons to activate scroll. The picture you posted indicates that you are using the Windows driver which may not give you all the touchpad functionality. Download the synaptics driver as Rollie has advised.