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What is 924PLC32 and can it be unistalled.


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What is 924PLC32 and can it be unistalled.

  • I am using an Inspiron B130 and my hardrive is getting full. This program is in the ADD Remove utility and says it is using 4GB. Do I need it? What is it? Can it be safely unistalled?
  • I did a quick search and it appears that others (with Dells) are having the same issue/problem.

    I did not find anyone who was sure what it was and some said that Dell support claimed it was not from Dell (even though the registry indicates that it is). Some suspect that it is related to restoring your system to its original state.

    If you want to know more, Google for 924PLC3.

  • just to confirm from the google search it appears that this 'program' cannot be removed via add/remove programs.  i would love to test things but I clean wipe all my dell PCs initially
  • Just found a message on another post that says this file is the printer driver for the 924 printer that comes bundled with the laptop from dell. I am not using that printer therefor I am going to rermove the file.

    Thanks for your help.

  • mrcapi937 wrote:

    Just found a message on another post that says this file is the printer driver for the 924 printer that comes bundled with the laptop from dell. I am not using that printer therefor I am going to rermove the file.

    Thanks for your help.

    That doesn't seem to make sense given the size and difficulty in removing it. But who knows?

  • a 4 gb printer driver?  the 1600n MFP package is less than 100mb.  even the worst monster I've evern installed from HP was only 400mb (granted that was the compressed installer).

    must be a lot of fonts in there if it's what it is ;p

    all this said, the conclusion most of the information I saw reached was that this cannot be removed via add/remove.  give us some feedback if you try?

  • Uugh! The add remove utility will not uninstall. Does
  • Does any one know how to uninstall this program and if it trully can be removed with out damageing the computer?
  • since know one really knows what it is from what i've seen, i'd have to say no.   i'd suggest a clean install if it's important to you
  • Where is this file at so it can be manually deleted? I've searched all over the computer and found nada. Thanks.
  • it may just be a bogus entry in the list.   just cause something's listed under add/remove doesn't mean that it always exists.
  • The 924 is a Dell printer model.  It possibly came pre-installed with your computer.  It's safe to remove.  If you installed it over a network, or if it was auto installed over a network, you need to be connected to that network to uninstall it.
  • The following is a chat session with a Dell Representative in Reference to the listing of 924PLC32 in the Add/Remove Programs menu on Dell PC's. Some information that was not relevent was removed. This information apparently was "non-public information about Dell or any other company or person without the proper authorization to do so. This includes providing names and extension numbers of Dell employees and Forum participants." This information was my name and the name their Representative used while in chat with me.


    Regardless, I hope this information will help others out there figure out that 924PLC32 is.


    07/13/2007 10:21:28AM Agent: "What program is this Daniel?"

    07/13/2007 10:21:39AM Daniel F: "The name of the program as is listed on the Add/Remove Programs menu is 924PLC32"

    07/13/2007 10:22:26AM Daniel F: "It's size shows as 4095.00 MB"

    07/13/2007 10:26:51AM Agent: "This is a partition on the hard drive and Add/Remove programs will not remove it. Are you using Symantec Virus protection program?"

    07/13/2007 10:27:58AM Daniel F: "No. McAfee was initially installed, but the Anti-virus portion has been removed and AVG is now being used."

    07/13/2007 10:33:55AM Daniel F: "According to the registry, it does not appear that any Symantec products were ever installed on this machine"

    07/13/2007 10:35:21AM Agent: "Daniel, I have researched this program. It is not really a program, it is a hard drive partition. I'm not sure why it is showing up in add remove programs, but it cannot be removed here. I am also not sure what this partition is used for. Some of the" information I found says it is Symantec, other information says that other programs utilize this partition.

    07/13/2007 10:35:58AM Daniel F: "ok, well, the registry information shows that it belongs to Dell"

    07/13/2007 10:37:09AM Agent: "The system did ship with a PC restore partition, but this partition does not usually show up in Add/Remove programs."

    07/13/2007 10:37:30AM Daniel F: "On my system it shows the sourcelist entry Package name as 924PLC32.msi. It then shows the Lat Used Source as n;1;c:\dell\G605\"

    07/13/2007 10:38:46AM Daniel F: "Another entry shows the diplay name as mentioned before with a contact of Dell and shows the Local Package as c:\WINDOWS\Installer\9fa3.msi" [...]

    07/13/2007 10:45:16AM Agent: "Daniel, I am fairly certain that this is a partition. Since it shows up under Dell in the registry, I would think this is the PC Restore partition, which is created by Symantec and branded as Dell. I am researching this to make sure, and also to see if" there is a way to scan the partition for viruses. [...]

    07/13/2007 10:57:00AM Agent: "Daniel, this is the PC restore partition. [...]


    07/13/2007 11:00:14AM Agent: "Start > Control Panel > Performance and Maintenance > Administrative Tools. Double click Computer Management and then click Disk Management in the left hand column."

    07/13/2007 11:01:28AM Agent: "If the partition is viewable here, then it should be able to be scanned for viruses. If the partition is not visible here, then there won't be much chance of virus infection."

    07/13/2007 11:03:03AM Daniel F: "ok, it is visible. It shows as FAT32 unknown Partition."

    07/13/2007 11:03:39AM Agent: "If the partition is visible, it should be scannable."

    07/13/2007 11:04:38AM Daniel F: "there is actually a 3rd partition (only 32MB) EISA Configuration. Do you know what this is for?"

    07/13/2007 11:08:59AM Agent: "That partition is for the 32 bit Diagnostics installed by Dell." [...]"

  • I right clicked 924plc32 in disk management, Delled it, now it's unallocated, will the computer blow up?