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  • When I press the power button all my laptop does is fashes the lights flash. Does that mean my motherboard is fried or is there another problem?
  • If the lights are flashing in rapid sequence, yes, the mainboard is faulty.
  • The lights only fash once


  • Reseat the RAM, battery, drives, and any cards. Check the AC adapter to make sure the LED comes on. If it does, it's good. If it goes out on plugging in the notebook end and/or the system still won't power up, the system board is faulty.
  • I just read a document stating to remove all the CRUs (CRU's include: hard drives, floppy drives, CD drives, PC Cards, battery, and memory.) I don’t know how to remove the CD/DVD ROM so I left it in. I plugged the adapter in and without the battery it didn’t do anything so I put it in while the AC adapter is plugged in and it started to blink as if it were charging.



  • I'll leave it alone for a while and see what this does than I will try what you recommend. Wait, is that the same thing it’s saying, it just said to remove not reseat?   

  • The light that was flashing is now steady. The light is for my battery.
  • The light stayed on all night but it still won't start. The lights won't even come on after I press the power button or when I take the battery out.


  • Assuming the AC adapter is OK, the mainboard needs to be replaced.
  • The AC adapter  was very loose than it was made to rigged so it wouldn't keep loosing it's connection.
  • I've never done anything like this for a labtop, is it much different than a desktop? About how much does a motherboard for a laptop run?

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  • It is more involved, yes. A rebuilt board for a 51xx will run about $500.
  • Thank you, bye