My insprion 5150 will not do anything when i power on, no flashing lights no BIOS screen only a black screen with a blinking cursor in the top left corner. I called Dell and am told this sounds like a motherboard problem. Of course my warrenty just expired a month before this happened!!!
This would be the 2nd time my motherboard would have to be replaced with this laptop not to include many other defective items that have also been replaced! Very frustrating :smileymad:
Upon searcing the web for answers i found that this is a defective design problem with the making of the dell inspiron 5150's and that dell will not recall the product or admit that there is a problem!
Is there anyone out there that has had this same issue and has gotten results from Dell. Please let me know if the motherboard is a quick fix (souldering) or do i really have to replace the motherboard?
thank you