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Inspiron 6000 high pitched noise - Dell please help me


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Inspiron 6000 high pitched noise - Dell please help me

  • Sometimes on my Inspiron 6000 there is this irritating high pitched electronic noise coming from near the center, possibly upper left of the computer. It sounds vaguely like an old tv that you can hear from another room, or other high pitched electronic whining. It is absolutely awful and my computer is unusable in this state. I'm not quite sure of what exactly triggers it, but certain web pages definitely do. Once triggered, it is almost constant, with slight pauses in the humming/squealing every few seconds. I know this issue has been posted and addressed in other messages, but none of the recommended steps worked. Here's some conditions:
    - It is nothing to do with the display
    - It is nothing to do with the fan
    - It makes the noise whether plugged in or on battery
    - It makes the noise whether the battery is connected or not
    - Disabling or turning off power management for USB Root Hubs (suggested in other posts) actually makes it worse, and can even be one of the things that triggers the noise. However, if it makes it worse on mine and better on other people's machines, that leads me to believe the problem could lie somewhere here
    - Disabling PowerStep dampened the noise slightly, but not enough to make me want to use my computer yet
    - Plugging in a USB Mouse (suggested on other posts) doesn't seem to have any effect
    - Everything on my computer is up to date, including BIOS.

    Please please somebody help me get my concentration back. Dell I know you're aware of this problem. Please don't ignore it any longer.
  • i get a squeal from most notebooks with large network transfers.  not sure if this is what you have or not but it happens on every notebook I've ever used in a fast network setting (HP and Dell)
  • Wouldn't that mean that disabling network card would stop it? I tried that and it didn't do anything. Also, here's something else I've noticed, and seen other people post as well. If I click and drag a window around using the touch pad, like just keep dragging it around the screen, the noise completely stops. As soon as I stop dragging the window, the noise comes back in all its annoying glory.
  • probably a different noise then
  • Turn the computer over and clean any dust out of the vents and make sure you are not using it on a soft surface. Mute the speakers to check for feedback. Unplug the modem from the telephone line, if applicable. Look for other interference like lamps, tv's, radios. Call Dell if you are still under warranty.
  • Dust is not the problem. It is almost certainly something to do with either the power supply or the motherboard. It happens everywhere, so it isn't interference from other devices. It also has nothing to do with the speakers. I can pinpoint the sound by putting my ear up to the bottom of the laptop. It's coming from towards the rear-left, a couple inches left of the AC jack. I think it's more like interference between two components within the laptop. Either that or a transformer. And I plan on calling Dell, but I know exactly what they're going to say, and it isn't going to fix my problem.
  • I had a simmilar problem with my insperon 1100 (i had it for like 3 years though before it started)
    mine is a problem with wireing in my speakers i found out. there is a loose wire or somthing which is causing minor distortion. when i do certain things on the laptop.. i would suggest either get usto it or call dell. (they will probably just send y ou a new unit) if thats what the problem is.