Dell Latitude D610 Smart Card Reader


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Dell Latitude D610 Smart Card Reader

  • I received a Dell Latitude D610 notebook for Christmas. As I was looking at the features on, I noticed on the details page it mentions a Smart Card Reader just under the PC Card Slot. Is this something that is optional? Can I buy this internal hardware device from Dell?
  • Its already got it, I think. In my D610 there is drivers installed for it in device manager.
  • There is nothing there but a cover. I pulled it out and it is a device, but there aren't any slots for a Smart Card.
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    Can't help much except to say that someone else in here convinced me that there was one in my D800.

    Never used it and can't see it, but it is supposed to be 'part of' the PCMCIA slot??

    Sorry, but have no idea what it would be used for, now an 'SD' reader I could use and save
    the camera batteries by a direct load, i6000's have them.
  • These are not the mini smart cards, but credit card sized cards. See users guided here. I have never used one of these either, so that is all I know about it.


    Smart cards are portable credit-card shaped devices with internal integrated circuits. The top surface of the smart card usually contains an embedded processor located under the gold contact pad. The combination of the small size and integrated circuits make smart cards valuable tools for security, data storage, and special programs. Using smart cards can improve system security by combining something a user has (the smart card) with something only the user should know (a PIN) to provide more secure user-authentication than passwords alone.

    Regards, Latitude 6430u, Venue 8 Pro
  • Any idea where I can buy these Smart Cards?
  • They aren't something you use for any storage or program like media cards, SD or CF cards etc. or USB flash drives. Institutions issue them.

    Think of them as either credit cards or pass cards/badges. Not widely used in the U.S. either.
    Regards, Latitude 6430u, Venue 8 Pro
  • Smart Card readers are not widely used in the public business sector but especially used in the military sector.  It is used to authenticate a certificate for a user to access certain sites or send e-mails for military standards. 
    Now, I have a Latitude C610 that I am trying to get to read my card.  Not sure if I need to have software in order to communicate with the card reader..have the driver, but IE is not picking it up as a certificate.