Dell Wireless WLAN Card Utility icon is not in the notification area.


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Dell Wireless WLAN Card Utility icon is not in the notification area.

  • I've seen one other post about this, but since it was a while ago I can't reply on that post.
    While here's the problem, the utility icon is gone.  The utility is still installed, and I can use it.  I've checked and unchecked the Show utility icon check box on the Wireless Networks tab.  It does nothing.  Don't know why but the icon just disappears and the only why I've found is to reinstall the drivers.  I'm using a Dell Wireless 1350(b/g)WLAN miniPCI Card, on Windows XP pro SP2.  I don't want to keep reinstalling the drivers to get the utility icon back.  Does anyone know a way to fix this problem?
  • Can you prevent it from disappearing by disabling "Hide inactive icons" on the Taskbar properties, or enabling that setting and customizing the wireless utility icon to "Always Show"?
    I have some trouble customizing those settings. Before I can finish setting them all to "always show", one or more will switch back to "hide when inactive", even though these should be strictly manual settings!

  • LOL, guess I should have said I have "Hide inative icons" disabled.  I like to see them.
    I did mess with it, and did see the icon in a past item.  I set it to always show.  I have runned bcmwlcpl.cpl and enabled the  "Show wireless icon in system tray".  It still not there.
    It is also gone from the other Acct. on the computer.

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  • Found the problem.  WLTRAY.EXE is not running at start-up.  Don't know why.  But I have to manually run it. 

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  • find the Dell WLAN in services, right click to display services then choose recovery then make your choice to restart the service upon failure.