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Power supply outlet broken


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Power supply outlet broken

  • The outlet on the back of my computer that I plug my power supply into is broken and loose inside my laptop. My system is a 5150. Is there anyway I can send it in to dell so they can repair it? I tried emailing them but I just keep getting the automated messege about how it could be my power supply. Ill pay anything to get it fixed because I love my laptop and it was a special gift from my dad.
  • If the system is in warranty, call. If it's out of warranty, you're looking at a $700 repair through Dell.
  • 700 bucks? are you serious? Would I be better off just buying a new one?
  • Most likely, yes.

    This time, don't forget to buy a 3-year warranty.
  • Is there anyway to email tech support for an estimate? my phone is dead and Im using a school computer now.
  • You can try - expect to be quoted around $700 for the part and service.
  • who do I email or call to get an estimate? I can find anything on this site. I sent an email and they just sent an automated email.
  • Have you tried support@dell.com.

    I suspect you're going to have to call. You can probably order a board from Dell, impactomputers.com, or parts-people.com (all will charge about $500) and have a local shop install it.