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serius restore problem


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serius restore problem

  • I try to restore my Inspiron 9300. (Windows XP sp2)
    By presing CTRL + F11, at the beggining, but when I do that, its says on a black screen
    Starting Windows 98...
    And then on a blue screen apeears a message thats says:
    Dell PC Restore by Symantec.
    ...Its says thats therean error, with the system restore and this cant be done right now...
    Call Dell support...

    I also want to create a OS cd backup, but the START -> "dell accsesories" -> Dell OS Recovery CD ,option doesnt apper!!!
    it just says on START - PROGRAMS - DELL - CALL DELL SUPPORT.

    I really want to know that I must do!!
    Please help me.
  • If you are still within your Dell warranty then I would contact them to explain your problem and ask for an XP CD plus the CDs for your preinstalled programs.

    I suggest you try doing this online via the chat support method.