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Spec Dell PP12L


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Spec Dell PP12L

  • where do i find the specs? help please
  • the PPl??? number is NOT the real model number/designation. I have had a C600 and a C610 that both had the same PPL??? designation. Look on that same sticker/label for a "C" or a "i" and a NUMBER after it. That is the real model number.

    Top of this page on the left hand side "Product Support" button "User Guide" CLICK it.

  • thanks alot dude

    the problem is that it only said PP12L


  • I found it but it does not said alot , i need the spec




  • Anyone? help please

  • The LINK you posted says it's a i6000. Look at the i6000 user guide. Try the "Product Support" button at the top left of this page, or any page on these forums.
  • can anyone help me please

  • roncito wrote:
    can anyone help me please

    As you've already been told, ALL THE MANUALS THAT EXIST for your Inspiron 600 are under the Product Support tab above, then User Guides.  There are no other manuals, and posting day after day won't change that. 

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  • I dont need the manual , I need the spec the ram the hd size the screen size
    all the info
  • Oh my god what is wrong with you. All that info IS IN the USER MANUAL under Technical Specifications. If that doesn't satisfy you then go to the Dell support site and enter your Service Tag number and look at "Original System Configuration". If you don't have a service tag on the bottom of the notebook then IT IS NOT A Dell PC and you can GO AWAY.
  • nice