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D505 Home key came off


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D505 Home key came off

  • Hi there,

    A few weeks ago, the home key of my D505 laptop came loose. I've looked everywhere for information on how to put it back on, but have found little useful.

    The thing is, the keycap came off by itself, without the x-scissor like thingie underneath (which is still attached to the keyboard itself). According to everything I've seen, just aligning the keycap properly on top of the X thingie and pressing down carefully should do the trick.

    I've done this several times, ensuring that I align the upper (back) side of the keycap first and then bringing it down front, which gets me a "click" sound that looks as if the keycap was correctly put. However, as soon as I press the key near the front of it it will just come loose right again, completely falling forward (I hope someone can make sense of what I'm saying, it's not easy to describe :)).

    Anyway, I've looked at the keycap itself and nothing seems broken underneath, but I still can't figure out how to correctly attach it again to the keyboard.

    Any clues?
  • How do I replace a keyboard key on my Dell

    Fortunately, never had to do it, but had seen and saved the link above for that problem.

    Good luck on the job.
  • Yep, that's pretty much what I've been doing (my keyboard has the kind shown on the bottom picture), but I still can't get it to attach. As I said, it sounds like if it had attached, but it doesn't :(
  • Looking more closely at this, it seems like the front (bottom) part of the key actually attaches correctly to the support bat, while the back (top) part doesn't. Is there anything specific I have to ensure to get the back side to correctly clip unto the support bat?