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Charging Port?


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Charging Port?

  • I have an Inspiron 1150, a couple of days ago it started to not charge. The charger works but the computer is not charging at all. I took it to a local computer store and they told me it was the port where you plug the charger in. They said that only Dell could fix it and that I need to send it in. I have school starting August 18th. I need to know where I need to send my computer to be fixed, how much it will cost, and how long it will take. Thanks.
  • Well then call Dell tech support. But they will probably tell you the motherboard needs to changed and that will cost almost as much as the notebook originally did.
  • If you're out of warranty, this is a $500-700 repair - not worth it. Scrap the system for parts and replace it.

    Next time, get a minimum of a 3-year warranty on whatever you replace it with.
  • Hello PunkRockWinner....Was your problem ever resolved?  I am having the same problem with my Inspirion 1150 which I purchased a little over a year ago (July 2004).

    I would hate to have to purchase another computer after about only a year of use.

    From reading the posts it sounds like I need to purchase a new battery to see if the new battery will charge or I will have to spend about $500 to change the motherbaord.

    My limited warranty has run out so any services would need to be out of pocket.

    It seems to be a problem with this model so has anyone heard of Dell doing anything about this?

  • I am encountering the same problem as well.  My laptop cycles between on AC Power, Charging, Running off batteries.  Sometimes I get lucky and it charges the laptop but most of the time I have to shut down the laptop and fiddle around with power adaptor and AC port to get it charging.  Unfortunately most of the time, it stops charging whenever it feels like so it's a bit frustrating.  I don't want to send this away for repair as my warranty has expired as well, but it's sorta deterring me from buying another laptop from Dell.  I've never heard any of my frineds with this problem and they all have laptops from other companies.  Any other solutions for this problem other than scrapping this notebook?