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Can't close laptop when using external monitor


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Can't close laptop when using external monitor

  • I just got an Inspiron 6000 last week. I plugged in my external monitor and keyboard last night and found that no matter which setting it was on (internal monitor, external monitor, both monitors) when I shut the pc, the system went into it's "hibernate" state, which meant that if I want to use the external peripherals then I have to leave the laptop open.
    I have been through the documentation that was provided, I have tried setting up another profile. I spoke to the online chat guy, his suggestion was to turn it off then hit F2 at the Dell page and edit the Bios, he said that on the 3rd page there was an option that referred to "lid close" and I was to change that.
    I did that and went through all the options available there and I saw nothing concerning the lid or cover. I triple checked the monitor options.
    I have been on the phone, mostly on hold with Dell for over 2 hours and then I finally got transferred to a line for a desktop system and when I call back, it routes me to handheld, then the last time I tried a different option and I got disconnected altogether... So here I am
    Anyone know how I can change this thing so that I can close it and still use it?
     I want to hook it up to a port replicator, but the one that the website suggested for it didn't have a connection for my monitor, so I will have to order a new one, I am also hoping for suggestions on a port replicator for this system.
    I am hoping for something that I can attach all my peripherals to including my USB hub (if that will work) so that when I want to take the laptop with me I only need to unhook one connection.
    Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!
  • check on the power properties and on the advanced tab, see how it is set in the (when I close the lid of my portable computer) it is most likly set to hybernate, set it to do nothing.
    hope this helps.
  • Thanks Chuck, that worked I can close it now. As an aside, the computer was set to "standby" not hibernate, just curious, what is the difference between standby and hibernate anyway?

    However, I assume this will mean that everytime I unplug from the monitor I will have to change it, assuming that I want it to hibernate or standby when I close the lid?

    Thanks again, Chuck!

    Also, still hoping for suggestions on the port replicator/docking station question as well.
  • in very simple terms, standby powers down most components but keeps the ram active.  hibernate saves the ram to disc and then powers that down as well
    yes, you will need to change it each time if you want it to standby with the lid closed.  keep in mind that you have a sleep key (usually FN Esc) that will cause a standby.
  • We have had almost same experience.
    Helping a neighbor with his set up. He bought a 9300 laptop, and a 20 inch Flat screen.
    Finally got it so Flat Screen was active and Laptop was blank. Then shut the laptop. Darn! Computer turned off.
    Called 1800- Fell. Got on   Got on Fell Chat
    It was pure Fell.
    (I cant post a response  if I spell "Fell" with an H .) The word police stopped me.
    nobody home, or nobody knew. They are "hellping" other customers.
    Then I read monitor user manual. ---Nothing.
    Then I went thru  the entire 128 Dell computer user manual.  --Nothing
    Finally went to the Forums and found your question. and the response re the power options.
    Thank you!!
    Re replicators, Go to Dell Website--Search -Select All dell .com
    Good listing of replicator products they sell and a fair description of each.
    My neighbor had purchased (From Dell) a $79 replicator made by Kensington. Tried to plug the monitor cable into it. Monitor cable had male thingy. Replicator had a male thingy. Going to see if I can buy an adapter with two female thingys and introduce them all. Dell help on phone told me I should plug the monitor into the computer. Duuuhhh.
    Good Luck
    Good Luck!
  • I sympathize with your 'h' 'e' double toothpicks feeling.
    I did all you mentioned as well and finally got switched to software support and they wouldn't help me without charging. I tried to explain that this wasn't in the documentation and that I shouldn't have to pay for this, but they said to call customer support and talk to them, then I went through a whole rigmarole or being transferred to the wrong department and then disconnected etc. Finally gave up and decided to live with this option, even though I feel there should be a better solution.
    As far as the Kensington replicator, that's likely the one I got when I bought my laptop that I can't use with my monitor. I did the same thing as you, thinking I just needed  a gender changer, but when I got the gender changer and looked more closely, I found that the kensington had a serial plug not a video plug. They are close but no cigar.
    I am thinking of getting the belkin one off the Dell list, but I was hoping to get input here before committing, but no one has addressed that yet.
  • Hi Again. I have to take another look at neighbors plugs.

    My wife bougt a Dell Replicator about 2 years ago. Paid about 200$ It works great. Does everything. Dell apparently no longer offers it.

    Important thing re gettting a new replicator. Make sure it has an on off button. This allows you to turn laptop on without having to open it to  press the On button on the laptop. Her laptop has not been open in months.

    She has 19 inch Flat screen plugged into the replicator. System works like a dream.


    Going to do more replicator research for my neighbor. If you want, I will share results of that research with you.

  • That would be great, because that is exactly what I want. right now I have everything just plugged directly into my laptop, and as you said, I have to open it every time I need to reboot.
    I am not sure if the Belkin one has a power switch, but I doubt it.  I am not sure what Dell is thinking because if I am using a replicator, I want to be able to plug in a monitor AND power it on an off. To me the whole idea of a port replicator is to make it so that it's more convenient to use at home, yet easy to just grab it and go.
    The Kensington that I purchased is more like a "hub" than anything.
    Please DO let me know if you find a better alternative!
  • dice, you're kinda confusing a true docking station and a port replicator I think...
  • Perhaps, but I know what I used for my IBM was called a port replicator (whether it was or not), and they called something else a docking station.
    The "port replicator" I had for my previous laptop, a thinkpad, allowed me to basically plug the laptop into it and I could plug just about everything else into the port replicator (monitor, printer, keyboard, mouse, etc.). So all I had to do was unseat the laptop and unplug the USB devices (the replicator didn't have enough USB ports) and I was good to go.
    It was my understanding that the docking stations were a little more complicated and I believe had capacity for a hard drive? At least that's the way it was for IBM equipment years ago.

    I suppose things change and teminology gets fuzzy.
    But what I want is something that I can plug my peripherals into and be able to use my laptop like a desktop when it is "docked", including powering on and off-whatever the device is called. I do not need the capability of adding a drive.