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Inspiron 6000 USB Ports

  • Having trouble getting my 6000 to recognize new hardware when I plug into USB ports.  Have tried both printer and digital camera.  Both worked fine with my old computer on Windows ME, neither have worked on Windows XP. 
    When I plug into the USB port, I hear some beeps but don't get the add new hardware pop-up.  When I try to add new hardware manually it tells me that it doesn't detect anything.
    I'm at a loss.  HELP.  Thanks in advance for your help.
  • cdrr,

    Thank you for using Dell's Community Forum.

    Could it be that both of the devices you’ve tried to connect need new Win XP drivers? Make sure the devices are compatible with WinXP.
  • Yes, I'm sure they need new XP drivers, but I thought XP would recognize that and the add hardware wizard would ask for them. 

    Should I install the new drivers before I try to install the printer and camera?

    Thanks again.

  • By any chance did you reinstall your operating system?
  • if it beeps then it is being detected in some way.  check in device manager and look for yellow signs that will give more info on what is going wrong
  • No, I have not reinstalled my operating system.

    I have checked device manager and it says that all USB ports are operating normally.



  • right, but if it beeps, there's usually some sort of icon associated with the device you just plugged in
  • It does beep but I'm getting no icon of any kind and no new hardware wizard.
    I'm stumped.  Is there a properties link to the USB ports that might have a setting to suppress any wizards or icons?  Just a thought.
  • I am having the same problem also. I get no beep or any noise. I tries plugging in a MS keyboard and mouse, NOTHING. Tried a MS wireless mouse/keyboard, NOTHING.  Tried all the above suggestions, NOTHING. Any suggestions. This 6000 is less than 1 week old.