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BOIS Inspiron 1100 Upgrade A21 to A32


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BOIS Inspiron 1100 Upgrade A21 to A32

  • Hi,
    I have a Dell Inspiron 1100 normal model nothing extra added.  I went to add a new RAM and this did not work, in the troubleshooting it said about updating the BOIS.  Found the update file on the Dell website, ran it on my laptop and I get an error message saying that it can not run flash, reboot and try again.  Have done this a few times now and still no joy.  Would be grafull for any help!
  • did you try to download it again?
  • i downloaded it again yep.

    Just found out need to upgrade to A22 first.  Will try again after doing this.  Will updating all the BOIS from A21 to A32 get rid of a problem I have had with my video driver?


  • cool, you should be good to go.
  • Cool, thats good news, hope so after I update BOIS
    Is there a way to get an e-mail alert when a new BOIS is ready for download?
  • go in the download section and on the right side is filewatch click on that.
  • Thanks! Boppo.  Will do in the morning, its late here in the uk now!

    Thanks again


  • cheers and no problem
  • I'd recommend you flash down to A31 -- A32 has a fan profile that causes hotter idle temps.  up to you though

  • NemesisDB wrote:
    I'd recommend you flash down to A31 -- A32 has a fan profile that causes hotter idle temps. up to you though

    I have the same fan problem on my Inspiron 1100 (the fan comes on every other minute) after I did the Bios update to A32.
    How do I go back to the original Bios (A31?)? I don't know what "flash" means.
  • updating your bios, programming it, and flashing it, all basically mean the same thing.
    you have a couple of options.  you can download the A31 file from dell ( and run it from windows.
    it's important to realize that all bios flashes carry some risk.  if something goes wrong you will likely be out a motherboard.  that said, executing the above file from windows (while low risk) is riskier than your other option which is to use a bootable CD or floppy to perform the flash.
    you can get a bootable CD image from (specifically but the previous page has instructions).  create the CD and then boot to it by pressing F12 at the dell screen.
    the CD method is slightly safer but sligtly more complicated  -- given this, take your pick :)
  • Wow, this is amazing.  Why would Dell tell us to update to A32 if it is making out computers run hotter?  I can tell you that I updated to A32 and my computer really runs HOT! I am having all kinds of problems now. My fan is acting up and I am not sure what to do.  Took everything apart and cleaned it but no help.  My fan runs for about 10 seconds when I start the computer (maybe a test)and then I never hear it again.  My computer quits after about 45 minutes. Then when I restart it quits after about 30 seconds.  It seems like the heatsink (thermostat) is not working to run the fan.  Is there a way to bench test the whole Microprocessor Thermal-Cooling Assembly? I really hate to replace the assembly if the whole motherboard is bad. Thanks in advance for your help. Mike
  • if you press F2 at the dell screen and select diagnostics, there are limited heatsink/temp probe/fan tests that you can run