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Number lock doesn't work on 9300. Why?


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Number lock doesn't work on 9300. Why?

  • Very frustrated here.  Just got my computer.  I have been on hold for over one hour after 3 transfers to the wrong department.  I just want to know why my number lock is not working.  Also, I tried to use the chat service and after entering my information and service tag, the next message stated that I was not a home customer....Grrrrrr.
  • press the Fn key on the keyboard and look for the numlock key on the keyboard
  • That makes no sense at all.  If you look at the key, 'num lock' is white and 'scroll lock' is blue on the same key.  Function key is blue and corresponds to blue 'scroll lock.'  Besides, if I push num lock, as directed by the owner's manuel, the lock should occur without the function key.  Also, if I push the num lock key, the light with the 9 in it comes on, as if it is locked, yet it does not work.
  • try to go to the BIOS and see whether the same thing happens. if it does, most likely it is the keyboard. on some occassions a simple reseating of the keyboard will do. if not, then it is up for replacement
  • I noticed the same symptom you described (I just bought a new i9300 too) so I did some testing and think I got it to work.

    If I turn on the "numlocks" (just tap the Num Lk button) and then while holding down the Fn key, I do get the numbers such as 4 in place of the U key etc.

    It is a bit confusing but at least it does work (for me anyway).

    Good luck!