Unknown PCI Device on "PCI Bus 3, device 1, function 2"


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Unknown PCI Device on "PCI Bus 3, device 1, function 2"

  • I wish i could attach a picture of Device Manager....but i geuss i will have to explain it manually.

    I just installed a RETAIL(not the Dell OEM) windows xp professional on my dell inspiron 6000. i deleted all teh Dell Utility Partitions(Yes i knew wut i was doin...i just didnt want gigs of space forwarded to Dell stuff).

    I installed all the drivers i needed from the Dell Website but i still have this one left in my Device Manager.

    When I right click and check properties.....it says...."PCI Bus 3, device 1, function 2" in the "Location" section.

    could anyone enlighten me to what exactly is this location? i didnt install any new hardware. the video card works fine, so it cant be the video card. i just cant figure this out!!!

    any help is appreciated!!!
  • O and before u ask....YES i did install the Chipset(it was teh very first driver i installed and then the others). Infact let me show a list of all teh drivers I installed.....

    Video(these werent teh regular dell drivers. I got mine from omegadrivers)
    Alps Glidepoint/Stickpoint Driver
    Quickset(still trying to figure out how to redirect the "Hold Play" to windows media player/Winamp or something else rather than Dell Media Experience since i didnt install DME)

    thnx again
  • I use that 6000 myself with XP Pro and have not experienced the problem myself after reinstalling. Doing a quick search on the forums reveals that the rouge item is your SD reader/writer.

    I have noted the absence of you installing the Dell Notebook System Software utility in the list of your installed drivers/software.
  • Can you tell what the "SD reader/writer" is exactly?  I've installed all of the drivers as well, including the Dell Notebook System thing, and I still have the same "PCI bus 3, device1, function 2" device with a big question mark on Device Manager.  Unlike the original poster I did not delete the Dell partition.  Any idea on what this device actually is and how I can fix it?

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