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Installing on board blue tooth for a DELL Latitude d600

  • Hi All,
    How do I install the on board blue tooth for a dell latitude d600, If I check the bios it say On board Bluetooth: Not Installed
  • adeolu,

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    You may be able to get a PCMCIA Bluetooth card.
  • I think that you have missed the point when replying to this as the original question was about the onboard Bluetooth settings

    We currently have 3 of these Dell Latitude D600’s 2 of these show that the Bluetooth is installed in the Bios the other states that it is not, I have raised the matter with Dell online technical as it appears to be a fault with the system?

    The Bluetooth indicator light positioned in the bank of display led’s is on but the software indicates that it is not installed the same as the Bios.

    As the faulty system was purchased at the same time as one of the others I would have expected them to have the same hardware build?