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Bluetooth range less than 5 meters


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Bluetooth range less than 5 meters

  • Hi,
    my new Latitude X1 has a bluetooth range of less than 5 meters. Is this normal? Can I change this somehow?
    Thank you for helping,
  • That's actually pretty good. BT is designed for a range of about 10 meters (about 33 feet).
  • Just what do you use with the notebook that is more than 1-2-3' away from it let alone 5 meters.

  • Ed C wrote:
    Just what do you use with the notebook that is more than 1-2-3' away from it let alone 5 meters.

    I have an HP 960 printer with an ioGear Bluetooth adapter in the next room, 10 meters and a wall.

    It will often put up a message "failed to print" for a few seconds and then it prints.

    Also have a Holux GPS that seems to have about half that range.

    So I guess it depends on the other end of the connection.

    This is with a Dell D800 BT300, the newer BT350's would be faster. no idea if range would be different.

  • Ed C wrote:
    Just what do you use with the notebook that is more than 1-2-3' away from it let alone 5 meters.

    I have been known to connect my notebook to my cell phone via bluetooth,  even though the cell phone is on a desk or table in another room.  Typically,  I connect the phone to an IBM Thinkpad via bluetooth,  and I get a range of 10-15 meters (often through 1-2 walls too).
  • I use bluetooth as a replacement for cables. It is designed for this purpose. I use it since several years. I have a mouse connected, a printer (which is in another room), my ISDN phone (which is also in another room), my cell phone and a headset. With an Acer bluetooth USB dongle and the Widcom software each connection works fine. Even all connections work in parallel. I expect this from a Dell notebook as well, even more because the bluetooth hardware of the Dell is the same as the hardware of the Acer dongle (cambridge radio).

    That's the point. I am very dissapointed to discover that Dell has replaced the widcomm software they used to ship with their notebooks by the Toshiba bluetooth stack which has a lot of drawbacks.

    Try to connect to the internet via bluetooth and print the page you are looking at, also via bluetooth. Your internet connection will break down. That's the Toshiba stack, folks!

  • Yes, sure that my latest Bluetooth Driver from Dell is Widcom.

    Axel, I had noticed new Bluetooth Drivers on Dells Download site a few months back,

    since they were for BT350 and my D800 came with BT300, I did not look further.

    You should have BT350, perhaps the new (or the older version) might work better
    for you.

    Also, I have found it worthwhile to uninstall the existing Driver (through CP; Add/Remove)
    prior to install of new driver (gives more options on inital setup).

    The 350 is faster, would also think the range would be at least equal to 300.
  • Pilot, YOU may have widcomm shipped with you Dell, but buying my brand new Latitude X1 they did NOT give me widcomm, but Toshiba Bluetooth software which is really bad compared to widcomm! I am so dissapointed, I can't tell.


  • Axel,

    My current Bluetooth software was a Download after XP sp2 from the Dell site.

    Look above your name, upper left corner for Product Support; there is a drop-down menu,
    select "downloads & drivers" and see what they might offer for your system.

    I have had best results by removing old BT software (CP; Add/Remove) prior to
    install of new.

    There should be at least two drivers from Dell for you to try, good luck!

    I am aware that my systems are different than yours and I am just a long-time
    Dell user trying to help. With your problems on a new unit, perhaps a call
    to Dell would be in order, this forum is mostly customer to customer:)