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Scrollbars on touchpad - not working?


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Scrollbars on touchpad - not working?

  • Just got an inspiron 9300, and I haven't been able to make the dedicated virtual "scrollbar" areas of my touchpad actually do any scrolling.  You know - the little strips at the right side and the bottom that are supposed to handle vertical or horizontal scrolling?
    Furthermore, I can't figure out where in the software or drivers I would go to turn this feature on or off.
    Any help would be much appreciated: I'm sure I'm just missing something obvious.  Thanks,
  • Hi - I have the ALPS touchpad (which everyone seems to hate).  I am having some more problems with it too:
    1) Unlike my previous touchpads, when i am dragging something to the edge of the screen and my finger gets to the edge of the touchpad, the computer will not continue moving the cursor in the direction I had been moving
    2) sometimes when surfing the touchpad seems to go into "scroll mode" and will start affecting the scrollbars.  I haven't found any rhyme or reason to this yet.
    Can someone explain to me how to use this darn thing, and how to enable the edge scroll functions?
  • If you double click on the systray touchpad icon, or go to Control Panel - Mouse, the mouse setting screen will pop up. You can turn on scrolling in the Gestures tab. The inertial movement feature can be configured in the Area Switch tab - just uncheck Enable only when dragging.
  • Just got a new Lattitude E6400.  The scrolling feature does not work nor is there any "gesture" tab or box in the Control Panel - Mouse setting screen. How do I enable this feature???

  • You have dug up a thread that is 8 years old.  I would have suggested to start your own thread but since you are here:

    Based on your description that the "gesture tab" is not available, I would suggest going to the download section and download the touchpad driver for your system.  That will

  • Sorry, I forgot to leave the link.