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space bar problem


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space bar problem

  • hey i have a question about my space bar on my inspiron 5100.
    there are two recieving sensor underneath the space  bar.  the right sensor underneath stop working.  the right side is a bit depressed and slightly lower than the left. this happend recently, about a day ago. im wondering is there a possible way of removing the space bar and fixing  the sensor or do i have to replace the keyboard. 

    thanks in advance
  • hi, welcome.

    the keys can be removed and replaced if necessary. You can find new ones on Ebay for 2-3 USD.

    I have removed and installed sticking keys on my Latitude D600 at least 10 times and all original keys are still working. Poor keyboard for a top-of-the-line business laptop.

    Since the keys are attached differently for lots of models, you will have to see how yours are attached. Usually if you pry the spacebar up using a screwdriver, starting left or right of the spacebar, it will come off nicely. Be careful - this stuff is fragile !

    Usually the metal bar or a plastic hinge has come loose and can be re-installed without problem. 

    Good luck !