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65W vs 90W AC adapter for D410


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65W vs 90W AC adapter for D410

  • Hello everyone.  I need some advice on the choice of AC adapter available for my latitude D410.   I have the option of selecting either the 65W or the 90W AC adapter.  For a few more extra dollars, I chose the 90W adapter.  My question is
    1.  Will the 90W AC adapter hurt or harm the D410 in anyways? 
    2.  Are there any difference between the two adapters? 
    I have not tried to plug the AC adapter to my laptop yet.  The reason why i chose the 90W AC adapter is because I travel frequently to other country especially Australia where the power voltage is 230V as oppose the the USA where it is only 120V.  I figure that a 90W adapter may be able to take more punishment.  But i don't want to fry my laptop either.
    Anybody have an thoughts? comments? or insights  on this subject?  Also, can any verify how much voltage the power cable on the AC Adapter can handle?
  • Paul,

    Going 'under' on Wattage will do no harm, like you could screw a 40 Watt bulb into a 60 Watt socket (but not a 300 Watt).

    Caution would be on Voltage Output, My D800 wants 20 Volts and my LM only wants 15 Volts. Could not swap those power supplies as the plugs (that insert to computer) are different. So long as the DC Voltage and Polarity on the output plug that you insert to your D400 is the same, your D400 will only draw the Wattage that it needs and a 90 Watt will have to work less than a 65 Watt would, an advantage would be had if you got a D-Dock, that would require the 90 Watts.

    [A 12 Volt 10 Ampere will supply the same "Wattage" as a 120 Volt 1 Ampere circuit, but the 120 Volt would need a much thinner wire (and thicker insulation). This is why the Electric Utility Transmission lines use 15,000 to 30,000 Volts to deliver current that they then "step down" to 110/220 Volts before they put it in your house.]

    It should also be on the label of your power supply that it will accept "110-230 Volts" and 50 or 60 cycle supply current but to "plug it in anywhere" you will often need to provide a plug converter (to use the local wall socket).

    You could check with your Travel Agent to find out what "socket type" to get and your local Electronic Supply Store should stock them.

  • Art, Thanks for the info.  I guess i didn't really need to spend the extra $20 to get the 90W AC adapter for my new Latitude D410. 

    I have a second question that hopefully you can help me with.  I was reading this link regarding using portables outside the country


    it states that the AC adapters can handle 90 - 276 volts.  This will work well for me in Australia.  But, the thing is that the article also states that the power cable that comes with the AC adapters is rated to handle only 115V which is great for the USA, but in Australia the voltage is 230V.  I looked on the Dell website and the highest voltage rated power cable i can find is 220V.  Does anyone know if Dell makes a power cable for the D410 AC adapters that is rated to handle 230v or 240V?   

  • Paul,

    (From the Dell page linked;

    "...#1. You must obtain the appropriate plug adapter that will accommodate the type of power outlet particular
    to your travel destination(s).

    #2. Before using AC power in a foreign country, you may need to obtain a new power cable that is rated for use
    with the level of electrical voltage in that country.

    The power cable supplied with Dell notebook systems sold in the United States is rated to handle 115 volts. ..."

    I was not aware of need for supply cord differences due to voltage, it makes sense since as I posted,
    -higher voltages require thinner wire and thicker insulation- but I would go with just the plug
    adapter and handle the cord with care :) but Dell does not want the blame if you electrocute
    yourself :(

    My disappointment was with how short the first power cord was, the second power cord (with the D-Port) was
    longer and that is what I travel with. So if you order a new cord, perhaps it could be longer..

    My memory of 220 Volt is limited to how quickly the little 110 Volt "Cup Heating Coil" would boil a cup when
    plugged into 220.

  • I've been using the 65W adaptor with my D410 in Asia where we run 240V's most places without any problems. However using the D/Dock its recommended that the 90W adapter is used instead. Although I've been using my 65W adaptor with the D/Dock with no aparent problems.

    The 90W adaptor is bigger sized than the 65W adaptor. Something to keep in mind when space and weight is an issue.