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connecting inspiron 6000 to external monitor


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connecting inspiron 6000 to external monitor

  • Hello,
    Sorry for a real basic question.
    How do I connect my inspiron 6000 to my desktop monitor so as to use the desktop monitor when I am home. Do I nee exrea cables etc.?
  • For a so-called real simple question, here is a very complicated answer: It depends on how you intend to use your monitor.

    If it's a spare monitor and you don't plan to use it with your desktop, then you find the cord that connects your monitor to the desktop, disconnect the desktop end, and attach the free end of the cable to the blue (VGA) port on the back of your laptop.

    If the intention is to share the monitor between the desktop and the laptop, then disconnecting and reconnecting every time may become too much a workout for couch potatoes like me. In that case I'll buy a KVM switch so I only need to connect the laptop to the KVM switch and easily toggle between video sources.

  • Thanks!!!