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its very hot under my left hand in Latitude d600


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its very hot under my left hand in Latitude d600

  • Hi,

    I have just got a laptop latitude D600, when I put my left fingures on the keyboards next to the mouse bad it’s very hot what should I do to lessen the temperature?? Write hand is ok its not very hot beneath it.




  • Khalid,

    Dust and lint are usually main cause of overheating, go to 'Product Support' (above your screenname)
    and find your Service Manual to see if the Fan/s are easily removed for cleaning (are they working?)

    A household Vacuum and a can of compressed air (sold in electronic supply stores) would be all you
    need to do a good job, I do this monthly. Excellent utility's for your system here:

    click here for FanGUI and SpeedSwitch homepage (freeware)

    The FanGUI will allow use in 'Observer mode" and see temperatures and fan control and SpeedSwitch has
    processor control to reduce temperature and battery use, also has better Power Management option.

    From the location of your "Hot Spot" it sounds like the Hard Drive (should be 42-48C), Power Management
    should allow you to set it to "idle" after a set number of minutes to help with that.

  • Hi Art,

    Thank you very much for your information and concern,

    I would like to let you know that the laptop is new and this is the first day for me to work on it. It’s true that my left hand has been burned, but I will live.

    I have installed fan software and I am monitoring the temperature of the fan and CPU, but the installation leads me to a question

    How many fans are there in my notebook?? The software detects only one fan.

    As I told you my laptop is latitude D600.




  • Khalid.

    "How many fans are there in my notebook?? The software detects only one fan.

    As I told you my laptop is latitude D600."

    If FanGUI says "one" that is likely true.

    I have never seen a D600, there have been many complaints here about heat, you can
    use the excellent 'Search' function below to read scores of them. I recall that
    heat was from Hard Drive, thus the suggestion to set the idle for Hard Disk
    in Power Management.

    Start; Control Panel; Power Options, Power Schemes tab and you will see pull-
    down menus for both AC and Battery "Turn off hard disks" after: 3 min to 5 hours
    or never. A 3 min setting would only slow your performance for the first
    access of HD during a session and should keep you cooler and increase life span
    of your hard drive. A long session would still bring the heat back, good things
    have been said for "LapTop Cooling Stands" and a google search for a tiny utility
    called "RAIN" (have on my Win98 LM) to see if there is an XP version.

    :) ````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` :)

    FanGUI had said there were two in my D800, the service manual only listed one Fan,
    I could only see and hear one fan.

    It was only after looking at two fans in D810 service manual, that I was able to
    see that my second fan was part of the Video Card. It was now plain to see in
    the D800's Service Manual illustration, once I knew where to look.

    A monthly cleaning (including hidden ports for 2nd fan) drops my GPU temprature
    2-3 Centigrade.

  • Hi Art,

    Thank you very much for your concern and information.
    I will set the idle for Hard Disk in Power Management. Hope it will solve the problem.

    Could you please answer me? What part is cooler part than the other, under you left hand or write hand???

    You know before I own this laptop I had Compaq Evo n600. There was no heat at all under my hand (there was a heat for sure but not under the most important place in the laptop " under you hand " in my opinion).

    This is why I think Dell designers should not put hard disk or CPU under hand positions I think they should put them under the keyboard when nobody will complain about the heat.

    I like the new feature in my new laptop, I am just sorry and sad about the deference between my old and new one.



    Oracle DBA


  • Khalid,

    Where had Compaq installed your Hard Drive and how warm did it get?

    My two Dell portables have their Hard Drives located in front left corner, LM slides out the front and D800
    slides out left side.

    There is a noticeable warmth from that on left palm rest of both, but they never get hot.

    D800 has FanGUI which reports 64C on GPU in upper right, 52C for CPU in upper left and 51C for DIMM located
    under Keyboard. The Hard Drive reports 42-43C and never gets warmer than that.

    Notebook Hard Drives are very interchangeable units, even between Dell and Compaq and since you may be
    within your 'return 21 days' it is very likely that a complaint to Dell would quickly resolve the issue
    with a replacement (cooler running) Hard Drive.

    You should make the point to them that Hard Drives should not run hot and beyond the comfort factor
    (which should be enough) there are moving parts inside a Hard Drive and high temperatures will
    shorten the life.

    Try a Google Search of Hard Drive Heat (or temperature) to document your complaint with facts on
    "Normal" Hard Drive Temperatures, You did not mention FanGUI report of your HD Temp but just being
    "hot to your palm" should do it.

  • Dear Art,
    How are u, I really want to thank you a lot. You are a very good person.

    Problem is that the new laptop has been given to me from my company. I will talk with my manager if they will do something with Dell, for me maybe the whether here is worm and laptops like d600 is not convenient. I will go back to my Compaq laptop it is cooler and warmth or heat is not going to bother me or my hand any more.

    If you have the time have a lock on member rating D600 laptop on PC magazine website,4149,924266,00.asp

    I think Dell should think about this problem. It is normal that laptops emits heat but its not normal to emit the head for the hand positions, they can emit the head form any other parts on the laptop not from the hand positions.

    Best Regards,




    The above url, (copy and paste into address, no time to html it)

    should give information important to your IT Dept.

    I had ours get my Sony VAIO for me, did not like the extra
    layer between me and support.

    I went back to ordering myself, they don't really
    have knowledge of my needs or operations.

    Best of Luck!