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Please help me fix my cursor!


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Please help me fix my cursor!

  • I'm not sure if this is supposed to post here but...
    The IRQ assignments have been messed up with my touchpad/mouse for some time now because of a confusing software load of a mouse...then yesterday the touchpad stopped responding and so did any of 3 external mice I tried to plug in.  I ran the diagnostic test for the pointing devices and it works like a charm, but when I go to log into windows I can't even use keystrokes to get into my account! (because I can't move the cursor to select my user name and I can't get to my account with the keyboard either) 
    The dell support person told me that I could try reloading the drivers IF I could enter my account in windows, but since I can't-- I can't run the reload disk for the drivers so she wants me to reload the entire operating system!  Any tips on either HOW to get into my account SOMEHOW without using the mouse/pointer OR a way to run the driver reload disk (not the diagnostic) before I wipe my system would be greatly appreciated!
  • To log into windows without a cursor, use the arrow keys to select the user you wish to load, then push enter to log in. Make sure you know how to shut down as well - push 'Windows logo key + u + u' in that order (but not all at once, give a one second break between each of them). Once logged on, you should be able to reinstall drivers as needed using the keyboard.

    My guess is your problem is either an incorrect driver setting, a dirty touchpad (like mine), or, like Dell said, a faulty driver.

  • The arrow keys don't work, neither do the ALT or SHIFT or CTRL+ALT+DEL or me banging my head against the keyboard haha --once before I had this problem and I could use ALT+ arrow but now no users or anything else is highlighted when I get to that opening screen, its just a stuck cursor that isnt receiving a signal from me--thanks for the shutdown tip but if there are any other suggestions on how to use keyboard commands to select a user (tricks like the shutdown one with the windows button that I don't know about) please let me know!
    Thanks so much in advance for your help!
  • Hi!

    I saw this problem before, and I recomend you to Repair your Windows Instalation using the Windows Xp Reisntalation CD, you will not loose any data!! With the repair you will only try to repair the drivers that are damaged.

    Another option, is to enter in the system in Safe Mode, that mean, that when you see the Dell Logo (when you start the PC) you have to hit the F8 key several times, then you will see a menu and select Safe Mode, and try so use you mouse in safe mode, if that works there, that means that the problem is related with drivers and Windows is corrupted, so you can reinstall the drivers in safe mode.

    I hope this can work!


  • I can't move the cursor in safe mode and keystrokes such as the tab key don't work there either to get to my user account- I don't know why but they won't.

    If I reinstall using the WindowsXP reinstall CD, won't I lose files because I am replacing the operating system?  The Dell technician person told me that when I reinstalled XP I would lose files....

    Maybe you are thinking of the Drivers reinstall CD, which I can't use because the only way to run it is IN windows which I can't get into (ick, this is driving me nuts!)

    Any other suggestions before I throw my hard drive and OS out the window??  Thanks!

  • If you REPAIR and not REINSTALL your XP installation (like I did once), you will NOT lose any data. This is convenient if your OS is not beyond repair (like mine always is). If you repair and not reinstall, you will not lose anything.

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  • Thank you NAB662 for giving me some hope! :)  So I have this reinstallation CD, when I load it will it give me the option to repair (or is there a different REPAIR disk??) ?  Then if it does will it give me the option to repair certain parts or the whole thing and what shoud I choose?  Is it worth being on the phone with a Dell person when I do this since I am a novice to this kind of thing?  Thanks for your help everyone!
  • I have just gone through the steps on my computer to make sure I am giving you the proper instructions :smileyhappy:. If you have a printer, you may want to print this.

    1. Restart the computer

    2. At the BIOS screen (where you see the big DELL logo in blue), look to the top right corner of the screen. It will have two keys to press to access different menus. Whichever one says 'Boot Menu' needs pressed before the logo dissapears. (I think it was F8 for a 5150.) To ensure the computer takes your command, press it repeatedly until it says 'Preparing one-time boot menu'.

    3. At the next screen, insert your OS reinstallation CD. Wait until your CD speeds up and has finished flashing the light on the side, then use the arrow keys (If they work, and they should) to select your CD drive (it should be right under the 'Internal HDD' option) and push enter.

    4. The Windows Setup program should initialize. This will take a minute or two. When it is done, there should be a few options at the bottom of the screen. One should be 'repair installation' and the key to press ahould be 'r'. Push the key to repair the installation.

    5. Setup will now detect all installations of windows. When you are prompted, type 1 to select your only (well, HOPEFULLY your only installation) of windows.

    6. Setup will prompt you for the administrator password. Just push enter to pass it. The bottom line on the screen should now say, 'C:\Windows\' or something like that. Type (without the quotes) 'Chkdsk'. If that doesn't work, type 'Chkdisk' (It's one of those two. If they are both wrong, type 'Help' and find it on the list that comes up). It will take around an hour, possibly more to repair your installation. When it is done, write down what it tells you, type exit, and your computer will reboot. You are done!

    If you have any problems afterward, make sure you tell Dell what the repair program told you.

  • I'll give it a try and get back to you (hopefully happier!) Thanks so much for taking the time!
  • Okay I did a Windows Repair install and now my cursor moves (mouse works AND touchpad) but in windows if you click ANY key on the key board everything freezes. Before windows starts (on BIOS screen or whatever) the keyboard responds to commands, but in Windows it doesn't...when you hit a key on the keyboard the cursor stops moving, mouse and touchpad and keyboard all don't respond (but if you are in notebook or word or something the cursor still flashes so the entire screen doesn't freeze?!?!) HELP! I am planning on reloading Windows OS at this point because I have gotten crucial files copied without touching the keyboard :) but how can I ensure this doesn't happen on re-install??
  • If you totally format the hard drive, you should not have any trouble with it. If yours happens to miswrite data (like mine does) then it will have trouble anyway. But you should be ok.
  • Good luck. I have the same problem and I did reformat and reinstall Win XP and the same problems. Do you have to install all the Dell drivers to get rid of this mouse problem. I must have dont his 6 times in the 2 years ive owned the machine and did not have any problems. It is difficult to work without the mouse operating. I remember never having this problem before. Under device manager I do show an ! for modem so I disabled it. hoping I could use the mouse in reinstalling other drivers. No help at all. I am still waiting for someone who has had this problem and found the solution. Thanks much. Oh in the mean time I fixed it by buying a laptop not made by Dell. :) I used to swear by there computers and owned at least 6 or 7. I will never buy another since they do not compare to the new companies using non proprietary components. Best of luck