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Dell PC Restore by Symantec for Inspiron 1150

  • Hi,
    I bought an Inspiron 1150 in Dec 2004. Made a few changes and ran into install/unstall problems with McAfee Security Suite and conflicts with I Hate Spam software, therefore messing up my computer's performance.
    I want to restore the notebook to factory default using the Dell PC Restore by Symantec. If I do this, do I still have to install all the discs that came with my notebook? My notebook came already pre-installed with Windoxs XP, McAfee, Wordperfect, Encarta, AOL, Adobe 6, etc. Physical discs are provided to replace them if erased.
    Please advise.
  • If you want all of your old programs, then yes. If not, no.
  • Do I have to re-install Windows XP using the disc? Or does Dell PC Restore by Symantec does that for me?


  • The Symantec Restore reinstalls Windows for you. It also wipes out any data you have stored, so back up what you need to, first.
  • xp & all your original programs will be restored.
    you will loose all your additional data so backup before you use it.

  • I did it! Dell PC Restore by Symantec is an awesome tool!  :smileyhappy:
    It restored all programs that came pre-installed with my notebook (i.e. Windows XP, Encarta, Adobe, etc.). I did not have to install the discs that came with the package, they are back-ups of the pre-installed applications. These discs are to be used only if I reformatted the hard drive in a way different than the Dell PC Restore by Symantec.
  • Well done!