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downloading files slows, then stops..Help!!


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downloading files slows, then stops..Help!!

  • Hello:
    When I'm downloading a file, it will start downloading fast..Like 480kb/sec, then get slower and slower to about 150kb/sec..Usually after about 15% or so it will just stop..I don't get any alerts or messages, but I can see the MB/bytes are not incrementing..I have to stop the download, start it again, where it will continue where it left off..Same thing will happen and I'll have to keep doing this  (5-10) times depending file size..What could be wrong?? It never used to do this..Is there a service I turned off that I need to turn back on????
    Insprion 5100
    Cable modem avg 584 throughput
  • Thats weird.

    Try downloading GetRight (Download manager), and download your files through there.

    Very reliable program

  • what browser are you using. if your using IE try using firefox, not only is it safer and faster, but it will help to try to localize your problem.

    is your internet connection via a router or access points?

    is it possible that your ISP is throttling your speed. this happened to me after too much bit torrent. so it may be worth calling your ISP tech persons.

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  • Thanks fellas..Very interesting..I use Limewire, which I believe uses BitTorrent underneath the software...They could be throttling me down..How do I stop that??? Will they? And why would they? Maybe since I'm constantly su*king up my connection...I'll try that getright program Leo..Thanks!!! These forums are VERY helpful...
  • Forgot to answer some questions..I'm using a wireless card with a linksys wireless router..Any settings I change to stop the throttle down???
  • Creed: 1) when your download stops do you still have general connectivity (can you view webpages for instance).  2) do downloads ever stop for non-limewire transfers (ftp downloads for instance).

    If it's just peer to peer stuff it could be a number of factors -- including that the person at the opposite end is killing the transfer ;p

  • No..I still have connectivity.I can view web pages and files are still being downloaded by limewire..It's just the browser download that stops...
  • i had to call my isp (cablevision) and give them some story about how i was not using bit torrent or running a server. they most likely will not tell you if they are throttling you down, they(cablevision) said they would have never contacted me.

    also, get firefox, go to the dell download sites(updates, etc.) and try to find any large update file for your comp or whatever and see if firefox has the same issues while doing an ftp download. it may be that limewire is using up all of IE's outbound/inbound connections.

    as for your "bit torrent/why do they care" question - bit torrent is built around the idea of everybody uploading, making everybody's downloads faster. the problem is most broadband networks are built for fast downloading and little/slow uploading. the networks are very downstream. upstream space comes at a premium, which is shy they charge you so much more if you have a server. hope this helps.

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  • Just for FYI, I fixed it..On my Linksys router I disabled 'Block WAN Request' and my downloads seem to be continuing. I think the download servers are trying to ping me to continue the download and with me blocking it they think the download has stopped.