keyboard cursor jumps weirdly when typing


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keyboard cursor jumps weirdly when typing

  • I am working on a Dell Inspiron 1100 with an A32 BIOS.

    I have a problem that, when I type for a certain amount, the cursor will sometimes appear to randomly jump places. Usually it jumps to another point in the same paragraph, but sometimes (like when I typed this message), it jumped instead to another text field. I have had the cursor jump while typing a URL in a browser window as well.

    Pressing the "home" key in particular causes the keyboard to type normally for a few characters, but then the cursor will jump weirdly to another location in the paragraph. However, even when It don't touch the "home" key at all, the cursor is still known to jump.

    Usually, the jumps are to a random place, and there is no advance warning. Hence, my words can get split up in odd places while typing, and I have to retype things a lot.

    I am running both Windows XP (a reinstallation) and Red Hat Linux 8.0, and have had the same problem in both operating systems.
  • Windknight,
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    The most common cause for your problem is your thumbs brushing the Touchpad while typing.  Try adjusting the Touchpad sensitivity in the mouse properties in the Control Panel.  You may also be able to attach a USB mouse, and disable the Touchpad in the mouse properties and see if that corrects your problem.
  • Thanks for your reply.

    But, I've still had this problem even when my thumbs were not touching the touchpad.
  • Windknight,
    Did you see the problem when you were not typing?
    If no, then my point still holds.
    If yes, then try reinstalling the drivers.
  • I have the same problem with my Inspiron 8600. Reload which driver? The touch pad?


  • All,
    Yes, please download the latest Touchpad/Pointing Stick drivers from our website and reinstall them.
  • It's not the "touching the mousepad" scenario.  In order to make the cursor jump by touching the mousepad, you also have to click the button.  I had a similar problem on a Compaq laptop and was told the mouse board was crashing.  Now, the same thing is happening to my new Dell Latitude D600.  I think the problem is hardware.