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Latitude D600 Docking/Undocking Procedures


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Latitude D600 Docking/Undocking Procedures

  • I have a Latitude D600 w/WPX SP1.  Just added the 2U442 D/Port Advanced Port Replicator and 6Y667 monitor stand.  The latop docks and functions perfectly.  The manuals mention  using the "Undock" button on the monitor stand before undocking.  There is also an "Undock Computer" path in the "Start" function of WXP.
    What is the proper procedure for undocking my laptop?  I have a Dell C620 at work w/W2K.  All that is required is "Start > Turn Off Computer" and the O/S does it all.
    I would never have a situation in which I would undock with the laptop still on.
    Austin, TX 
  • Never say never, I have been in the situation when I have to undock my system while the computer is still on. and my latitude d600 is never happy when I do this.
  • It all depends on if you want the computer to go into standby when you undock it, or do you want it to power down before you undock it?

    If you place it in stand-by it will switch over to the internal battery and screen, otherwise you'll have to power it on again.

  • i go to start menu and click on undock,my pc goes into stand by,how do i get it out of stand by after i eject it from the docking station,i have a dell latitude d600