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MESSAGE: RTC mode fixed - time & date may be wrong. Time of day clock stopped

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    Insprion 3800 - First I was getting the message "No boot device available". After trying to fix the problem myself (BIG MISTAKE). I am getting "RTC mode fixed - time & date may be wrong. Time of day clock stopped."

    Computer responds to nothing at all now...esc, ctrl-alt-delte,

    My main concern is saving the information I have on Quick Books and some photos.....

    Any suggestions
  • The RTC is the real time clock in your computer.  The CMOS battery may have died or when working on your computer, you may have loosened or disconnected the cable to it.
    Here are the online instructions on how to get to it.
    Can you enter the BIOS when it boots up and you hit the key F2 when you see the Dell BIOS splash screen?
  • I see no one has answered this . The solution to this is waiting for the screen to display options of press F1 to continue or F2 to enter Bios . When in Bios just set the time and date . That fixes that era. That happens when the Cmos has been disconnected from the MOBO.