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How can I reinstall everything on my Inspiron 9200 to factory default?


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How can I reinstall everything on my Inspiron 9200 to factory default?

  • Greetings:
    Just get my Inspiron 9200 with XP home ed. and already put to much software / additional drivers for my peripherals in it to test it out.  Now I wish to restore everything (OS, application, driver etc.) back the way it was originally.  Is there any backup cds (I have two CDs labeled Application installed on your computer) or some hidden file on the HD that would allow me to do this?
    Thanks for your support and help.

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  • use the dell pc system restore function.


  • Thank you much for the info.

    Do you happen to know where these system restore files are stored?  I would like to backup them as well just in case.


  • Upon shipment of your unit it comes with a operating system reinstall disk as well as a a driver disk, most likely.  Simply run the reinstall of XP and delete all the partitions create a new one and run it to format upon creation of a new partition.  Then, upon booting into XP then install all your drivers from your DELL resource CD, and if you dont have one, then go download the individual drivers from the DELL support site for your unit. -- Good luck.
  • If you look on your hard drive you will see a hidden 3-3.5GB partition. The relevant files are stored in that partition.
  • No drivers CD anymore Matt. You have the drivers on your HDD. You can burn your own CD if you want. Just received my I9200 2 days ago. I had the CD with my old I8200, but that was 2 years ago.

  • Nirolf is correct about the Driver/Utilities disk.

    According to DELL-Chandler , Dell will no longer ship Resource and Tools CDs after 11/17/04 on Dimension and 11/22/04 on Inspiron.



  • Is there a way run diagnostic on my inspiron 9200?
    I need to run some diagnostic on my memory.
    btw, there are no diagnostic utility partition on my HD. I wiped it out when I was installing WinXP.


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