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Dell Inspiron 2650 Keyboard lock out


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Dell Inspiron 2650 Keyboard lock out

  • Hello...
    Somehow my keyboard has been "locked". The mouse works fine, the computer works fine and I'm writing this on an external keyboard I stole.  How does one unlock the keyboard. I tried the Fn + F12.
    I really would appreciate some help.
  • Wayne73,
    Thank you for using the Dell Community Forum.
    There is no way to lock, or unlock the keyboard.  Please try booting your system, and press F2 and see if you can enter the BIOS.  Try this with the internal keyboard.  If this does not work, then try running the keyboard test from the Dell Diagnostics.  The internal keyboard should work, even when an external keyboard is attached.  See if the keyboard will work in the diagnostics.  If not then you have a keyboard failure and you should contact Technical Support.
  • Hey...Thanks!  I will give that a try.


  • If the above suggestion does not work, try this:

    - unplug every cable / peripheral from the laptop, including battery and power supply.

    - push the "on" button for 5 secs (optional)

    - plug everything back, replace battery and power cable.

    -restart the laptop.

    In my experience, this should bring back your keyboard, it's weird that some of our 2650 here at work do the same thing. Maybe static electricity build-up, I don't know.

    Anyways, I hope this helps,


  • Richard...

    You are my HERO for the week!  I almost bought a new keyboard!  Your suggestion was the only thing that worked. The keyboard works great.

    Stop by and I'll wash your car.


  • Thank you, thank you, thank you. My husband was just about to order a new keyboard or buy a new laptop as his work depends on having this laptop. I found this post on my last search to try "one more thing" and it worked like a charm. Thanks again....
  • You are most welcome,
    I found that bug so annoying, now I have to tell everyone how to fix it, keep your keyboards people !
    I really think they should put this item #1 on the keyboard fix list, it costs nothing to try and no tech needed, and it solves most cases of sudden keyboard death syndrome....
    Best regards,
  • Hi,
    I restarted my 2650 from standby about 2 hours ago and found the keyboard locked.  Wasted 2 hours trying all resets, diagnostics, restores, etc. with no success.  Finally got on my old computer to look at the forum and luckily found
    the answer here as you can see I am typing this on the 2650.
    Dell should put this step in the troubleshoot routing.
    Many thanks,
  • Richard,
    Thanks for a helpful answer. I got the same nonsense from Dell support about needing new keyboard. The solution you described worked like a charm. So the big question is that the answer has been available on the forum for more than a year and still the "mentally challanged" tech support folks at Dell dish out unhelpful, clueless 'help' to the users in trouble!!! Amazing.
  • Wow, I wish i had gone here instead of calling tech last night. I wasted an hour with Dell's outstanding india support!
  • My dell laptop 15 3542 keyboard is locked.

    please tell me solution