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Attn. Monitor: Alps touchpad & HID-compliant mouse conflict Inspiron 8600


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Attn. Monitor: Alps touchpad & HID-compliant mouse conflict Inspiron 8600

  • On boot-up of my Inspiron 8600 today 10/21/04, I found that my touchpad and pointer stick did not function (compleatly dead) but my USB Logitech wireless mouse was still functioning.


    Went to hardware manager to see if there was a problem. Viewed all mouse connections and found no signs of conflict. Proceeded to reinstall drivers for Alps touchpad, rebooted and problem remained. Next went to bios to see if Touchpad was disabled it was not.


    I was at a loss until I went to Hardware manager again and opened up the properties box for the Alps touchpad and I saw that you could not make a selection in the device usage box. Then went to properties for HID-compliant mouse, you could make a selection in device usage box, enable was the default selection.


    My next troubleshooting procedure could have been a disaster but turned out to fix my problem. I proceeded to disable HID mouse thinking that this was causing conflict with the touchpad, immediately my USB mouse stop functioning. I was in shock, now I had a nonfunctional touchpad and a disabled USB mouse. That means no way that I know to move pointer on desktop.


    The fix to the touchpad problem turned out to be the step that I performed disabling USB, PLUS a reboot.

    After rebooting, the touchpad was enabled again and that left enabling the USB mouse which I performed.


    I have the mouse functions again but can you tell me why the touchpad would not function with out leaving clues in device manager?


    OS Name        Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition

    Version            5.1.2600 Service Pack 2 Build 2600

    OS Manufacturer        Microsoft Corporation

    System Manufacturer  Dell Computer Corporation

    System Model Inspiron 8600

    System Type   X86-based PC

    Processor         x86 Family 6 Model 9 Stepping 5 GenuineIntel ~1598 Mhz

    BIOS Version/Date    Dell Computer Corporation A02, 9/30/2003

    SMBIOS Version       2.3

    Windows Directory    C:\WINDOWS

    System Directory        C:\WINDOWS\system32

    Boot Device    \Device\HarddiskVolume2

    Hardware Abstraction Layer  Version = "5.1.2600.2180 (xpsp_sp2_rtm.040803-2158)"

    Total Physical Memory           512.00 MB

    Available Physical Memory    366.49 MB

    Total Virtual Memory 2.00 GB

    Available Virtual Memory      1.96 GB

    Page File Space           1.22 GB

  •   Hey i have an inspiron 8500, my touchpad wont work! ive had the same USb mouse for about 5 months that i use over the touchpad but i have never had this problem.  My USB mouse works fine but the touchpad does not work, any suggestions would be greatly aprreciated.

  • Perhaps you may want to try the trouble-shooting steps I performed to get your touchpad working again. If you need help with walk through I will list the steps I performed.


    Performed driver update for alps touchpad controller but I have the same problem again this morning. Tried something different this time and unplugged USB Mouse from computer and then rebooted but this had no effect on the touchpad still dead as a doorknob. Since this is my wife’s business Laptop and I am her live in tech support Dell does not get the grief from her I do.


    Since Her laptop is in use, I will keep the board informed if my previous trouble-shooting works again.


    What gives with the boards Monitor? I would think a Malfunctioning Mouse pads would be worth a moment of his time?

  •  My Touch-pad is functioning again with trouble shooting technique that I listed in my first post but I will look at the bright side and be happy, guess this is a glass of water half full example.


    Sorry BobT that I am calling you a Monitor Instead of a Moderator. :smileywink:


    Is this a XP sp 2 issue?

  •    Hey, well i am going to try your troubleshooting method, i have already contacted Dell and there tech support couldnt even help me.  The wierd thing about my problem with my touchpad totally not functioning is that it does leave clues in the device manager.  When i click on "Mice and other pointing devices" only my USB mouse is there.  My touchpad doesnt show up under the tab,  but when i click "view" and then "show hidden devices" it comes up as "Alps Touch Pad" with the yellow exclamation mark.  Under properties it is "enabled", the "disable" option is also available.  Under location it says it is pluged into the "ps/2 mouse port".  Under propoerties is also says that there are no "conflicting devices" or "0 conflicting devices" under the "Resources" tab.  Under device status it reads "This device is not present, is not working properly, or does not have all its drivers installed. (Code 24)".  I have the latest Alps drivers installed, im going to disable the HID mouse, hopefully that resolves my issue. ill report back.
  •  well it didnt work, i dont know what else to try, i disabled everything i could, enabled them again, i tried new and old drivers, help!
  • Sorry to hear that my fix did not help you, but there is still hope for you, there are three other things that are a little bit more drastic then just disabling and enabling you might try:


    First uninstall driver for Alps touch pad from properties do not reinstall then reboot.


    Second Found this from dell board member Doc Scott:


    I found the answer searching these forums.. its both strange and simple.

    "Just run BIOS setup by pressing (F2) when booting, then click on "reset to defaults". Now, even if it doesn't change anything, click save and exit. Suddenly everything works fine. Very strange."

    Third go into hardware manager /select mouse / in your case go to view select show hidden devices / select alps touch pad / right click on alps select uninstall or go to action on top of page select uninstall / select yes when asked if you really want to uninstall touch pad. Turn computer off. Before booting up again disconnect USB mouse you want windows not to find an external pointer, hopefully windows will now treat your touch pad as a new device and reload drivers for you.


    One caveat, although I have done this many times and have never had windows not recognize and install new hardware, I have never done this maneuver for a touch pad.

    One other thing when you installed your USB mouse did you install operating software with it? I have read that some software overwrite alps drivers you may want to uninstall this sofware if you have it but most of the time the Uninstall process is poor and many files are left behind but it may be worth a shot.

    Hope this gets you going again.