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Computer is locked

  • First of all i dont know if this is in the right place but I use my computer at school and they put some desktop lock thing on my computer so whenever i restart all my settings and things are erased and everything goes back to the way it was. I am able to save like Microsoft word documents and stuff but i cant change my backround or download any programs without them being deleted when i restart. I think the school has put like Advanced Desktop Shield or something on my computer. My question is how the heck can you delete this kind of program or be able to unlock my computer so i can download AOL and games and stuff?

  • If it's your system, demand that they remove the software.  If it belongs to the school, contact the system administrator - they may not want users installing software.


  • If it is their computer that is exactly why they put such protection software on there - every time the computer boots it is at a known setup - every time.

    If it is your personal computer, there is no way they should have done that without explaining and getting your consent.  You'd need to log in as the Administrator on your computer to delete the program.  Take it to them and demand it be taken off.

  • It's probably a program called DeepFreeze (you can google it). That's what my university uses on it's computers. But not on any personal machines. I would agree with the other users on this subject, if it is your machine, demand it gets taken off, if it's the schools machine, there really isn't much you can do.