Pointer Mouse keeps moving by itself


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Pointer Mouse keeps moving by itself

  • Can anyone help?

    I have tried to search for a driver update (Dell and Windows), but cannot find any updates.

    Any quick response would be appreciated as its driving me crazy.......................





  • CJ,

    Thank you for using the Dell Community Forum.

    Please attempt the following:

    1. Remove the system from the docking station, if applicable.
    2. Determine if there have been any recent hardware or software configuration changes.
    3. Disconnect external peripherals.
    4. Upgrade to or reinstall the latest touchpad drivers.
    5. Flash / Upgrade the BIOS.
    6. Change the sensitivity settings for the pointing device.

    7. Apply pressure to the right of the touchpad.
    8. Disable the touch-pad.
      • Click the Start button, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel.
      • Double-click the Mouse icon.
      • The Mouse Properties window appears.
      • Click the Device Settings tab.
      • Click to highlight Pointing Stick and click Disable.
      • Click OK.

    Further troubleshooting ideas can be found in this knowledgebase article.

    One more idea, often third-party mouse drivers can cause performance issues with the system's touchpad. If you are using an external mouse and it requires additional drivers, I would suspect that these drivers are likely conflicting with those for the touch-pad. You should remove the drivers for both pointing devices and then reinstall those for the mouse that you wish to use.

  • Bob


    Thanks for your quick reply!

    I have updated the Flash / Upgrade the BIOS and installed the latest touchpad drivers.

    The cursor is still thinking for itself and moving slowly around the screen. I have disabled the touchpad and with the pointing stick enabled there's no difference yet.

    Do you have any further suggestions?



  • If you've updated the bios and loaded the latest drivers, chances are its a hardware fault. Have you tried disabling the touchstick and enabling the touchpad? I suggest it may need the keyboard/palmrest replaced.
  • Thanks! done that and seems to have stop moving by itself.

    I never use the touchstick anyway, so I'll not miss it