Dell C600 Bios update from A03 to A23


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Dell C600 Bios update from A03 to A23

  • i was trying to flash my latitude c600. the bios is still a03.


    1) i don't have a floppy drive, nor do i use floppy disks

    2) dowloaded hard drive flash file doesn't support flash from a03 to a23, telling me need to creat floppy disk. ??? (isn't it supposed to be the alternative for floppy method?)

    3) i can't find an iso image file for a bootable cd solution for c600 bios flash

    i am very frustrated now. what should i do?

  • I uploaded a ISO image file that of the Latitude C600 BIOS version A23 so that you can burn a CD.  Then just boot from the CD and the flash program will start automatically.


  • Thank you so much for helping me out. It worked with just a click.
  • I am glad that I could be of help to you.